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What is now-now?

the magic word; used when someone doesn't understand that something should be done at the current time and not later.

amanda: can i have a pass?
retarded librarian: what is the magic word?

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Now-now - what is it?

The Nazi Organization of Women.

NOW's official slogan is "HEIL CLITLER!!!"

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What does "now-now" mean?

The greatest band in the world. Home-base is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Often shortened to NNEC or nownow.

Wingspan: "Hay gurl, have you heard of Now, Now Every Children?"
Bigfoot: "No, WTF is that?"

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Now-now - what does it mean?

Spoken lyrically and with an emphasis on the 2nd 'now' i.e Dow-now-noooooowwwwwwww, this is used when someone is being a stupid fucking nob head. The person it is directed at is unaware that you are using an alternative method of implicating that they are, in fact, a complete fucking tool of the highest order.

1. Two collegues, who are familiar with terminology, are in a meeting with co-workers. One of the co-workers is speaking and is talking shit. Enter...

2. John "I'm the best at snurgling rumpter boxes"
Richard "Dow now now"

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a South African term we use that generally means 'soon', but can funnily enough also mean 'never', or actually just any period of time.

scenario 1:

dad: "come downstairs, theres a rugby match between the Springboks and the Sharks on!"
me: "I will be there now now!"

scenario 2:

jack: "Jill hurry up! when will you be ready?"
Jill: "I'll be ready now now!"

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To do something as soon as possible, not literally now.

Mom: Can you please clean the dishes?

Brenda: I'll do it now now!

Mom: No, do it now!

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A term widely used in South African conversations relating to the period of time which will elapse before the given task, time or oppotunity will present itself.
"I'm going to do it in a few moments."
"Its going to happen a little later."
As the term is not defined by a specific amount of time,it can be used in a broad context.

"Let's take a look at it now now."
"I'll see to that now now."
"When ?" "Now now !"

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Commonly used in South Africa when you're ARE going to do something, just not anytime soon.

"Have you started studying?"

"No, I will now now" *basically doesn't study until five minutes before the test*

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now-now means you intend to do something immediatly, whereas now tends to mean you will do it soon.

"I'll do that now"
"Yes, now-now"

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this means now, but just not now.

kim: when will you take out the trash George??
george:ill do it now-now baby.continues on Play Station

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