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What is wish?

Make A Wish is a song released in 2020 by South Korean boy group NCT U,a sub-unit of NCT consisting of Taeyong,Jaehyun,Doyoung, Lucas, Xiaojun, Shotaro and Jaemin

A : Hey,did you hear Make A Wish by NCT U?
B : Yeah,it's a total bop!

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Wish - what is it?

feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

She was lovesick and full of wishes.

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What does "wish" mean?

The best person in the world. All around good person.

Wish is the coolest dude I ever met.

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Wish - what does it mean?

Wishing is something i do day by day. He wrote a definition for my last name once in here, just returning the favor.
Yours truely,
still waiting.

Wish for him everyday since he's been gone.

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Wish - meaning

the act of commiting a sacred and personal bond between a wish and the wisher

im not telling dee what im wishing

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Wish - definition

A dream that you had a girlfriend.

In such a wish

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Wish - slang

Wanting something ...
Example....oh right' well you can wish this all you want but it aint happening today..

Wanting something ...
Example....oh right' well you can wish this all you want but it aint happening today..

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When a person wants something but is not prepared to put in any effort to obtain it.
Often the secondary gain of *not* fulfilling the wish outweighs the benefits of the wish-come-true. And so the "wishing" is merely a way to divert attention from the ulterior motive

Duncan: I wish I had some money
Jim: Fill in your disability forms and the government will give you some for free
Duncan: No. I hate filling in forms
Jim: No worries, I'll do it for you
Duncan: No thanks. (Because as long as I have no cash, my girlfriend will commit to me by buying my drugs with her inheritance money)

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An app where everybody thinks there receiving items like Gucci and AirPods and other crap they don’t really need! Then when it comes in the mail, they just realized they got scammed by a bunch of idiots! Don’t use wish because wish is sheit

911 what’s your emergency?
Yeah I have a guy who just pulled a wish on me!
Honey, Disney isn’t real!
That’s not what I’m talking about! Uggg
Ends call

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you obviously missed the boat on something because you are wishing you hadn't

we were at the MOE concert, JL was home wishin hard.

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