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What is irritation?

When your pissed at a school hoe and brandon

I’m so irritated

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Irritation - what is it?

Easily annoyed or angered. Cranky or grumpy. Cross, bad-tempered.

Sarah Good was called to testify. The irritable beggar rarely went to church and often muttered under her breath when she was denied food or shelter; she was an easy target for accusations of witchcraft.

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What does "irritation" mean?

shortened version of irritation:

feelings of irritation.. a scratchy annoyance.. like mild diarrhoea..

"you're giving me the irrits"

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Irritation - what does it mean?


Stop irritating me with your drivel, and go find the crap yourself.

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Irritation - meaning make one angry specialy by bitching and not Shuting the fuck up.
2. to be made uncomfrotable becuase of a rash thats itchy because your dirty.

Example 1.
dude 1. wtf is wrong with jerry?
dude 2. he is angry cuase his boss irritated the fuck out of him earlier.
Example 2.
chick 1. like what are you doing?
Chick 2. i like have this rash thats irritating me and.
Chick 1. like ewwww you have aids.

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Irritation - definition

A state of being at which you are ready to punch the next person who fucks with you in the face.

Person 1: Bitch don't fuck with me right now, I'm so irritated.

Person 2: Those are women's jeans.
Person 1: Square up bud.

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Irritation - slang

people that wont stop talking about stupid shit even when you are obviously uninterested in anything they have to say

Ed Benditt is so irritating,.. he kept talking on and on and on and i didnt hear a word he said neither was i responding but he just kept talking

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When someone/something is being irritating

Omg josh Newman is the biggest irrit

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the state of feeling annoyed, impatient, or slightly angry

P1: he was such a irritation pretending to care.
P2: you don't care either!

P1 : oh ya forgot LOL

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A large amount of annoyance.

Person 1: Leave me alone.

Person 2: Wow. Talk about irritation.

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