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What is giving?

To succumb to pressure or temptation, similar to cave in although not as extreme.

After months of lusting after the 14-year-old girl from the pool, George finally gave in to his urges to chuck it in her.

After weeks of brutal struggles in the communal prison shower, George's rectal sphincter finally gave in and he got what was coming to him.

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Giving - what is it?

1. A superlative descriptive adjective in reference to doing something to the excess or exceedingly well.

i.e. We were "giving it" to the dance floor at the club last night. We were totally beumpin it up. Or I was driving so fast in my Mercedes on the way here. I was "giving it" to the road.

2. A gracious statement made when someone allows another person to have something.

i.e. That blouse looks fabulous on you, I'm giving it to you.

I'm "giving it" in the above definitions.

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What does "giving" mean?

Also know as Embarrassed. When your face turns red in embarrassment.

Oh my God, He is so gived right now!

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Giving - what does it mean?

Act of getting sexual satisfaction from the opposite sex

Bruh, i got mad gives last night from AJ

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Giving - meaning

(Nigeria, Lagos slang) Fuck or conduct any sexual activity above a simple kiss, e.g. hand job, head, sex, titty fuck, dry humping etc. Normally followed with request for more specific details.

I'm going to give her tonight. They where giving each other there when the teacher walked in. I gave her last night. Came here for gives but its all guys.

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Giving - definition

used before describing something or if used alone means serving like serving a look

Wen I said “the dress is giving”
Or to describe something “it’s giving bundle up” if it’s cold outside

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Giving - slang

Third abridgment of the original term "Give it up," which semantically became "Give it," and now is often more concisely spoken "Give."

syn: c'mon, give it up, give it, ah yeah!, 's'up dawg, numba!

"Hey, Bainz, give!"

Watching the game on TV, after my 14th beer, I began to jump up and down with the gang yelling "Give!" when the Huskers scored to pull within 17.

Compton slapped ol' Swain a smooth five as he said, "C'mon 'n' give, y'all."

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Attributed originally to a traveling Scandinavian in the UK, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it." This phrase seems to simply state the obvious but actually implies helplessness in a similar vain to 'it is what it is'. Can be abbreviated to 'if it gives' in standard conversation. Phrase abstracted from this immortal quote; "If it gives it gives, if it doesn't it doesn't, it's just the same."

Q: Why do I always get the crazy ones?
A: If it gives it gives mate.

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Verb; a television broadcast. Portuguesism similar to the verb 'on'

"What's giving?" ("What's on TV?")
"It gave already" ("The show has already been broadcast")
"It doesn't give anymore." ("The television show is no longer broadcast")

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1.) Noun: encouragement
2.) Adjective: generous, helpful

"Wow, the man that just gave the Salvation Army Santa all that money was very giving!"

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