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What is impatient?

I calmly get frustrated waiting on waiting. I'm a patient person but impatiently patient about waiting

I'm impatient patient about waiting on a response from her...does she wanna bang or what?

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Impatient - what is it?

Someone who wants everything perfect but doesn't have the energy or time to do it. So the project ends up looking a little above average.

Wow you really did a fantastic job being average you you lazy control freek impatient perfectionist.

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What does "impatient" mean?

When you simply have to do SOMETHING while waiting for a download, can't sit there and just stare at the screen...

I also suffer from download impatience - Like play Solitaire or Text Twist or SOMETHING, rather than wait for the download to finish.

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Impatient - what does it mean?

The Impatient Gourmet is a sexual position in which one woman stands on her head naked with her legs spread, while the other woman goes and orders a pizza.

"My gustatory cravings were overpowering my sexual desires, so I had to give her the Impatient Gourmet."

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Impatient - meaning

When you are about to finish in a girl's mouth when she doesn't want you to, so she closes her mouth. Then you proceed to blow your load all over her closed lips like a dentist who's trying to get in someones mouth to clean but just gets pissed off.

Guy 1: "How'd it go last night?"
Guy 2: "It was hilarious. My girl wouldn't open her mouth when I wanted to finish. I couldn't wait any longer so I gave her the impatient dentist."

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Impatient - definition

The act of absolute intolerance of excessive Facebook usage.

i.e., posting more than 3 updates a day, Facebook Stalking, uploading numerous pictures of your monotonous daily activity, being a Facebook Drama Queen, obsessive application usage, Facebook Creeping, and taking too many useless quizzes.

Facebook Impatience usually results in a speedy Facebook Murder without hesitation.

Marky has a severe case of Facebook Impatience. I took the "What's you Favorite Position" quiz, and posted 4 status updates today, and he dropped me like a hot potato!

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Impatient - slang

to not want to wait for something,
to not want to be patient

hugh had the sexiest skinny jeans.
my impatientness to see them was rediculous

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First of all -Amazing boyfriend.
Summer Rosenthals
Patience is the ability to:

-A tendency to be impatient is considered a major personality flaw. People who suffer from severe impatience are often considered to be insensitive.
1. lack of patience.
2. eager desire for relief or change; restlessness.
3. intolerance of anything that thwarts, delays, or hinders.

The quality or condition of being impatient.

Main Entry: impatience
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: rushing
Synonyms: agitation, anger, annoyance, ants, anxiety, avidity, disquietude, eagerness, edginess, excitement, expectancy, fretfulness, haste, hastiness, heat*, impetuosity, intolerance, irritability, irritableness, nervousness, quick temper, rashness, restiveness, restlessness, shortness, snappiness, suspense, uneasiness, vehemence, violence

"gets annoyed of me when i type something wronge.
hes very impatient."

"hurry up and write back"

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Noun - pronounced "eye em"patience

The feeling one gets watching the little pencil in the corner of an IM Chat box signaling a reply is in progress.

After Cyril asked Magali if she could lick her own nipple on facebook chat, he was overcome by IMpatience awaiting her reply.

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Being frustrated at having to wait for something.

Rhino is getting impatient because the meaning of "Jodie" is taking ages to come up.

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