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What is farmyard?

The outcome from a good anal scratch. The digit used looks like a premium cuban cigar but smells like a farmyard.

I really killed off my itchy butt hole but ended up with a cuban farmyard

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Farmyard - what is it?

The act of aggressively piercing the yolk of an egg with a fork, before whisking during the preparation of scrambled eggs.

"Dude, I could hear you farmyard shanking the shit out of those eggs this morning from the other room"

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What does "farmyard" mean?

A congregation of police officers.

Police officers =Pigs

*sees a gathering of police* 'Bloody hell what's this a farmyard convention??

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Farmyard - what does it mean?

A fart so organic and biologically volitile it is rival only to cow manure.

Jill: A cow has just shit nearby...
Nick: no, thats Judy, She's always at the farmyard farts
Jill: Judy needs to wash her butt out with soap and water
Nick: Ain't that true.

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Farmyard - meaning

A threesome with two hideous pig-like girls.

Guy 1: "These girls are all over you, if you play your cards right you may get a threesome mate!"
Guy 2: "Even if I just play my cards I'll get a threesome, the fucking pigs"
Guy 1: "Farmyard threesome!"

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Farmyard - definition

An entree or meal containing products from three or more different animals.

Dan ended up eating a farmyard when he added two of Suzy's chicken nuggets to his bacon cheeseburger.

"I ordered chicken curry at that cheap Chinese place, but I think that they gave me a farmyard curry."

The vegetarian gagged as he watched his friends stuff their faces with a farmyard.

My grandma serves up a farmyard every year for Thanksgiving dinner.

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