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What is manure?

The name a young boy gave to a teenager's green cheek conure. The teenager said "green cheek conure", and the boy said, "green cheese manure". Not to be confused with mouldy cheese on a pile of crap, this is some raunchy sounding bird by the looks of it.

Hoyce called the green cheek conure a green cheese manure.
Josh's conure was supposed to be a green cheese manure.
This green cheese manure is not mouldy cheese on a pile of crap.
Did you eat green cheese before?

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Manure - what is it?

Is a person who thinks they are the shit, when in fact they are a piece of shit and a douche to boot.

Mortimer: Hey guys I just got 1600 on my SATS.

Me: Shut up Mort, you Douche Manure.

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What does "manure" mean?

The legel way of phrasing shit happens.

From the USWU. (United Scat Workers Union)

The force manure clause in the proposed labor agreement is an insult to shit and our shitty brothers everywhere.

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Manure - what does it mean?

(n). See shit spreader.

I really hanging out with Alex. It's too bad that I found out that he was a major manure salesman.

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The nice old-english way to say "shit happens". usually said around those that would mind if you said "shit".

Aww! Dude you just wrecked your Continental!
Manure occureth my good friend..manure occureth.

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Horse manure is technically horse poo. You can do a variety of things with it such as, Gardening, eating and throwing in other peoples faces.

Richard: What did you just throw at me?
Greg: A little bit of horse manure
Richard: how is this dish so good?
Greg: A little touch of horse manure there mate
Richard: Hmm what does this garden need?
Greg: Sounds like you need some horse manure!

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Slang term for the butthole.

Following a night of intense anal, Dave's manure hole looked like ground beef.

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The degree to which a phrase or statement is "bull ****"

The press release from that politician had a very high manurity.

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A bro freaking out in a highly animated manner about something that ultimately isn't something that warrants freaking out at all about.

He had a manurism when he found peppers in his salad. We now call them rage peppers.

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Slang term for Manchester United F.C., derived from the shortened Man U version of their name. Used in a mocking fashion.

I hope ManUre lose tonight, they're all fucking cunts.

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