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What is police?

nasty little motherfuckers who say things like " just doing my job" an they think they fucking help the

they stole my pot and probably smoked it!!!

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Police - what is it?

The governmental department charged with the regulation and enforcement of the behaviors of a certain jurisdiction. Main authority is the power of arrest and ability to enforce the laws of the community. Without the presence of the police the world would collapse. God Bless the Police

The local Police Department does a mighty fine job.

Thugs will do anything until the Police show up.

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Video meme

What does "police" mean?

They're formal job is thought to protect and serve civilians. But in actuality, police is simply and truely bastards. According to journalists across America, Police officers hurt civilians more than they help.

Dude 1: Why did you get a ticket violation?
Dude 2: I got it 'cause I fed other people's parking meter and the meter maid witnessed me for doing it. It's not like it's illegal. She called the police over to ticket me.
Dude 1: The damn police pigs are fucking harsh!
Dude 2: I was doing it because Mancow did it and reported about it.
Dude 1: Yea, Mancow is cool like that.

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Police - what does it mean?

The lowest echelon of the law-enforcement heiarchy in most countries. They recieve little respect, mainly because most people refuse to accept responsibility for actions they know to be illegal.

The Police didn't make you smoke that crack. But they did bust your apathetic ass for it.

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Police - meaning

a lazy person who goes to college and picks the easiest major (criminal justice) where they don't learn anything about the us constitution. these people don't know what the bill of rights is and stomp all over it when enforcing unconstitutional laws passed by legislatures just trying to collect more tax from the populus. police are ignorant to how brainwashed they are by their training and are ignorant to the fact that they are just henchmen for the lawmakers. they believe that they're doing a service to society when busting a couple kids for underage drinking or casual drug use. this is a side effect of their being brainwashed which makes them think that people aren't be able to decide for themselves what's good for them.

the police were unconsitutional... again.

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Police - definition

People who for the most part work their asses off 12 hours a day for people who will never understand half of the thing they have to do, half of the things they have to know, why they do what they do, or why it needs to be done.

They are constantly harassed by the lowest form of life on this planet, yet go out there day after day protecting your sorry asses from people who are sick and tired of your shit, and who if it wasn't for the Police, would be in the process of killing you, if they hadn't already.

If you get pulled over by the police, you were probably DWHUA.

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Police - slang 'hood' lingo the word police means to run or "lets get the fuck outta here nigga"

pronounced by African Americans as 'poe-lease' or 'poe-poe'

police!" "holy shit they comin fo me nigga

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The police, like all bureaucratic departments in America, is a large bloated organization that local governments spend millions on so that the tax dollars collected can be used to collect even more taxes in the form of citations.

The police has many different branches, from the Sheriff's department, to the local metrocops, to the ultra-corrupt state trooper. The bulk of law enforcement has little to do with 'protecting and serving', but rather the taxation of people. The more the police can pin on you, the more you have to pay for a citation, possibly even bail.

Police officers themselves can be fair, but considering most of them are taught to put themselves at a higher standard than the average person, don't count on it. Most of them are young egoists. Forget all these scrubs here saying how police never get respected and always 'spit on'. If you spit on a cop here in the city, you'd most likely end up being carried out of a church with six of your friends and family carrying your casket.

State troopers are notoriously famous for full searches of you or your vehicle, even if the offense was civil. Metrocops may do the same, but normally only if you are black. Metrocops usually ARE racist, and state troopers flat out hate everyone who isn't a cop. However, this isn't the true problem. The real problem is that they have the authority to shoot and kill you, whether you were reaching for a gun or your registration. Don't bother asking if you can either, because usually they are too busy telling you to STFU.

Don't worry, even though you've just been killed/badly injured for reaching for the keys to turn your car off after being pulled, your car impounded, and you've lost your job, all because you didn't put your turn signal on early enough; the police department is always there to 'protect and serve' you. Usually in the form of a full cavity search.

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1. A very misunderstood group of people: They protect you, they keep murderers, rapists, and other such motherfuckers off the streets.
2. Assholes about loud music.

1. None.
2. "Dude, someone called the cops on my gig last night!"

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A usually normal person sometimes given too much power. While police are definitely a necessity in any civilized society (in at least one form or another), in our 'nanny state' nation cops are known for giving people tickets for going too fast, commonly when there's no one in danger, busting up teenage parties, and arresting people for smoking marijuana who are not infringing on the rights of others. They have also been used as an excuse for gun control, except that in reality you need to be able to defend yourself and not rely on someone else.

Many people hate cops because of the 'pig' stereotype. There certainly are many who fit this; pushy, angry, forceful, et cetera. While it is important to be able to keep track of someone, it's not right to resort to extreme measures for bizarre reasons of 'safety' when there is no direct threat present. Also, as described before, many people hate cops because they frequently waste peoples' time with bureaucratic nonsense instead of truly protecting the people from dangerous criminals. However, this is more related to bad laws and flaws in a greedy and shortsighted system than the officers themselves.

Ex. 1: The police had a typical day; they gave five hundred tickets to irritated motorists, and arrested some kids for underage drinking at a party. (common)

Ex. 2: Wow, that police officer really saved our life! It really seemed as though that guy was going to kill us! (rare)

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