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What is effin'?

A substitute for the word "fucking". Used by pathetic hipsters, scene kids, live journal and myspace users.

Livejournal entry for Monday: "Man, my Mom wouldn't let me go to the show last night, what the eff."

"That's the effing sex."

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Effin' - what is it?

1) a clean version of fuckin
2) f"ing

ugh that effin dog!!!

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What does "effin'" mean?

When you can't use the word 'fucking' publicly

(when mom is around) i hate this effin subject

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Effin' - what does it mean?

A common way of spelling the term "fuck" on a web page, message board, etc. with a obsenity-censoring program.

Well, that's just effin uncool, man.

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saying the bad word in a better way

that is effin hot!!!
i hate her so effin much!!!
what and effin fun time we had!!

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How to say the word "fucking" in front of young children, so they don't echo your potty mouth.

me: That effin George Bush is talking on TV again!
child: Who is Bush?
me: Some moron dipshit cunt faggot asshole sonofabitch pussy dickhead cocksucker bastard that says retarded homo bullshit all the time!

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a way to say "fucking" so you won't get in trouble.

Tata: i got an A+ on my Biology test!
Anna: thats effin fantastic!!
Tata: No! you are!!
Anna: dontuuchmeee!!
Tata: ok
Anna: ok
Tata: bye
Anna: bye

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A more publicly usable alternative for the word Fucking.

Generally used as an Adjective, like to emphasize something.

The word Fuck is refferred to as the F-Word generally,
so "Fucking" would be F-Word with an "ing",

so that would be F-ing, and this is pronounced as "Ef-ing" and this evolved into "Effing" or "Efing" being an alternative for Fucking.

The "g" in "Effing" isn't required to get the desired pronounciation, so it is omitted, giving our result of "Effin" or "F-in"

Emphasised and publicly acceptable:
"That's very amazing !!"

More Emphasised but not publicly acceptable:
"That's fucking amazing !!"

More Emphasised AND publicly acceptable:
"That's effin amazing !!"

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effin comes from the name of an Irish Saint - St. Eimhin, pronounced Effin. So it is actually the name of a parish in Co Limerick, Ireland and some of us are very proud of it!!!

I grew up in Effin Co. Limerick, Ireland

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a way to say the word fuck,without getting into trouble,or it being censored,etc
comes from one of the word fucks names
the f word,f is prounounced eff,or ef,whatever,thus creating effin
mistl means fuck or fucking

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