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What is amazing?

Something that happens in the extraordinary.

He can do some amazing things.

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Amazing - what is it?

Over used word. Usually by teenage airhead girls. Amazing
was once a word to describe something outstanding and wonderful. Now, teenage girls have overused the word. And have ruined it all.

Girl 1- OMG *squeal* "That lime green skirt a AMAZING".
Girl 2- OMG thanks, no YOU'RE AMAZING.

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What does "amazing" mean?

Someone who is indescribably kind, compassionate, and beautiful

That girl Trinity is absolutely AMAZING

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Amazing - what does it mean?

1. something that takes your breath away and leaves you speachless

2. a word for someone that makes your heart melt like no body else ever will

jamie is amazing and i love her

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Someone who is super cool and awesome and is fun to hang around and talk to like. hailey

Guy 1: who's that amazing person
Guy 2 oh that's hailey

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A much overused word that really should only describe that which deserves it. There are only a handful of people in the world that truly deserve to use this word in respect to themselves, but none of them would. This is part of why they deserve this description. Synonyms: Zoey, Lily, Sunflower

Some people just keep going through anything thrown at them. They deserve so much better than what they get. Those people are truly amazing...

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A word that used to mean something astonishing and wonderful. Now a overused generic term for just about anything. An adjective which really holds no meaning anymore.

Did you see that? It was amazing.

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A person that makes you feel like no one else possibly could, makes you want to fight for them, to keep them. Someone that no matter what they say, even if nothing at all, makes your day 10x better than the last. Amazing is the definition of what your heart longs for and what your mind needs. You would do anything for this person and if they were ever sad for any reason, you would spend the rest of your life trying to get them to smile again, with the smile that just drives you crazy. I guess you could say that amazing is love.

Amanda M is amazing to me

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-To cause great wonder or astonishment, To be unbelievable, brilliant, and sensational.

-Being Rewa J

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, what he did on the court was simply amazing.

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Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.

Everything Alex is and does is amazing to me.

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