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What is overused?

The improper use of the letter "d" when spelling a word.

Deshawn: d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-done.

Wilhelm: You are a stupid shit for using "d" that much. The word "done" is spelled with one "d," not nine. That there is overuse of D if I ever saw it.

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Overused - what is it?

The over use of words that go through the trumpification process (The words that involve trump by merging trump and another word and the words that don't mean trump but "actually" do)

"Man trump should go trump himself hahaha"

"Man shut the fuck up with that overused trump shit"

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What does "overused" mean?

'Babe' only in the sense that people use it all the time and to friends or sometimes people they don't even know that well.

This is when babe is used to the max anywhere it can be used, even when its needless and false as it carries no real sentiment; unlike when used with a boy or girlfriend.

"Babes" can also be used in all the above cases as a kind of 'babe' replacement.

1. "Hey babe!" as a greeting
2. "Awww babe" When somthing bad happens
3. "Can you give me a lift babe?" when they want somthing
4. "love you babe!" As a sign off

This shows all the times babe = overused

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Overused - what does it mean?

Someine who overuses the term 69ing so it becomes annoying.

Mike: Hey let's 69 on our double date!
John: Dude wtf?
Mike: I can 69 your girlfriend and you 69 mine and we'll all 69 everybody!
John: Dude don't be a 69 Overuser.

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Overused - meaning

The act of over requesting urban dictionary lookups that are displayed publicly on words that everyone knows the meaning to for no apparent reason. These lookups may also be on every other word spoken in active conversation, but again are for no apparent reason. This act is completely unnecessary and highly annoying. Those who participate in this behavior should die in a bus fire and are often considered a failure at life.

piggy is a failure at life who frequently engages in the overuse of ud

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Overused - definition

A meme that was funny at first but has been used over and over again, so it becomes not funny anymore.

Person 1: I hate Jake Paul memes they're just a bunch of overused memes.
Person 2: I totally agree.

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Overused - slang


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is overused.

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A word that is used too much in the daily vocabulary of people, this means the word doesnt mean what it originally meant anymore. Similar to the term Overrated.

See: lol, gangster, dammit,

Gangster is an overused term because it used to mean someone who joined a gang and now its a new definition the media created, now its just a black guy who dresses like a rapper.

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