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What is Alex?

Alex is someone who will always be there for you. You can trust him with anything and he cheer you up no matter what. He could be your best friend, but if you're not careful, you may find yourself falling in love with him.

Alex has been my best friend since diapers. He's so sweet, I think I may be falling for him.

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Alex - what is it?

A annoying but hillarious dog that can play a saxophone like a boss and flirts with turtles.

Man my dog is such an Alex.

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What does "Alex" mean?

An extremely hot male/female that is the best and has a loving heart. If anyone goes out with him they will be blown away by his kindness and love, amazing personaltiy and very cool.

Alex is awesome.

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Alex - what does it mean?

Alex- A name that normally is meant for the name Alexander. Alex is: kind-hearted, mature (sometimes), athletic, smart, humorise guy. He may come off awkward at first but once you really get to know him, he's one hell of friend. This guy will leave a mark on you because he was so: charming, gentleman, strong-willed, and straight up awesome. He is a once in a life time person, once you know him hang on to him. Now if you're friends with an Alex he's opened up a bit, at this phase he is: protective, funnier, loyal, warm-hearted, a bit of a riot, mannered, and willing. Knowing all this Alex sounds like a god mostly mistaken for one. Now Alex's can look how ever they want, they are: Very tall, the best smile, attractive, into beanies (some at least), and buff shoulders. Now I could be wrong but I have met three Alex's in my life and this is them. They're someone you can talk to without it being awkward, he will listen to you hours on end no matter what. Alex is one to keep your heart close to, because once he has you as his friend he's normally saying good things about you. He'd never betray you and he will never forget you, just knowing he could be friends with him already changes his life. For Alex is one of a kind and there is no one like you already know or in furture time.

Alex a term mistaken for the word God.

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Alex - meaning

The most amazing man you could ever meet. Truly a life changing human being. The best boyfriend and best friend anyone could ever have. Alex is the most charming, most considerate, sweetest, funniest, most talented, and completely perfect man in the world. Alex is sheltering, comforting, protective, generous, and loving. Alex is the most handsome man to ever exist. Alex can make you fall in love with him all over again each day no matter how many days you spend with him, and you'd surely never grow tired of him. Alex is just flawless. You may say he has flaws, but they aren't flaws if you love them, and you will love every single thing about Alex. Alex does tend to fuck shit up with how adventuresome, energetic, brave, and curious he is-- but that's what makes Alex, Alex.

Alex, I love you. Marry me?

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Alex - definition

Can easily become one of your closest friends. A really sweet boy, who also happens to be intelligent, there are no downsides to knowing an Alex. Handsome, funny, sweet, intelligent, and an amazing friend, always become friends with an Alex.

Wow! Alex is great!

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Alex - slang

Alex is the dopest person in the world. If you find one of these rare people, you must cherish them as much as you can or they can get into a deep state of depression. 80% of the time they are the sweetest person in the world and is often looking for a lover. PLEAE LOVE YOUR ALEX!

Janit: You won’t believe what I found today?
TOMMY: what?
Janit: I found an Alex

TOMMY: No fuckin way!
Janit: He’s so sweet, and the other day he defended me against a group of rapists

TOMMY: You better love that Alex like there’s no tomorrow
Janit: I’ll love him till the day I die

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Alex Is a sweet, caring and wonderful person. Someone who can always cheer you up when your sad, and hug you tight and make sure youre okay when you cry. He always makes sure you’re okay, and he has the most precious smile. He has gorgeous eyes, ones you fall in love with and can look at for hours. He has amazing hair, and a great taste in shoes and cars. He gives the best cuddles and kisses, and amazing looks. And he always makes you feel special. Everyone needs an β€œAlex” in their life.

Wow! I wish I had an Alex!
Alex is so handsome!

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Alex is an overall handsome, sweet, and sporty guy. He is emotional but doesn’t show it unless your his closest friends and family. He is usually shy and only outgoing with close friends and family. He is super caring and loves to laugh at everything, always looks at the good side of things. He does have some flaws. For example, he gets moody and when he’s sad he acts out.

Alex is an amazing guy who’d you live hanging out with

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A very rare predator

Instructions for Your Alex:

1) Love your Alex, they are very loyal and affectionate creatures...except when given sugar, then they can become slightly agressive. Be wary of this. And its probably best to buy a large cage just in case.

2) Give them a lot of care and attention, otherwise they could turn against you, and possibly eat you.

3) Ensure to let them out at least 5 times a day...they tend to urinate frequently.

Available at Argos, ASDA, Debenhams and other selected stores today!

Greg: Hey man, I bought an Alex yesterday! How's yours?
Craig: Dead. I forgot to water it.
Greg: Dead?
Craig: Dead.
...*casually walk away*

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