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What is early?

u want somethin done fast

i want this done early.

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Early - what is it?

Early Miles was a standout player in the Negro Leagues back in the mid '30s and early (no pun intended) '40s, retiring in 1943 after a productive career. He held the all-time Negro League stolen base record with 1,986, leading many to believe "Early" was simply a nickname. He was also a great leadoff hitter, with a career .377 batting average. Often he scored the first run of the game early in the first inning, stealing second and third bases, then home plate. He moved to Philadelphia in 1944 and became addicted to crack. He overdosed by Pat's Cheesesteaks in January of 1946. Every time someone shouts "early!" not only are they paying homage to one of the Negro League's greatest, they are also just as excited as most were while watching his awesome play on the field.

with anger:
"we are going to f*** you up, early!"

with other slang:
"who us?...word on bizz...early!"

as a greeting:

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What does "early" mean?

The bird that gets the worm

The early bird gets the worm

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Early - what does it mean?

adj. meaning in a prompt nature; happening right now or ahead of time.

I started drinkin at 6 EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Early - meaning

Another way of saying holla or whats up. Originated in Philly.

yo i'll talk to ya later. Early!

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Early - definition

hot shit;really good

I found a ten in my pocket,early!

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Early - slang

1. Soon

2. Done by ears.

I heard that noise early.

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a way of sayin "right now" or "soon"

"holla at'cha girl EARLY!"

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You use it after a sentence to emphasize what point you're making...In some sentences it's kinda like saying "How Bout It" or "Forreal"...

Tell ya bul to stop drawlin or get his azz beat!!! Early!!!

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Slang term originated in Philadelphia, aslo used in the NYC.
ACTUAL MEANING DUMBASSES: prompt(being ready and quick to act); this term is used as an after thought, to portray the urgency of a sitaution.

That nigga betta have my shit, or Ima fuck his ass up! EARLY!!

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