Definder - what does the word mean?

What is That nigga?

A word that only black people use to call there homies if a white person uses it they are in some deep shit

John: What is up my nigga

Sean:What the fuck did you say


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That nigga - what is it?

1. A prefix that can be put in front of any word, to compare something to a Nigger.

2. A way to great a good friend.

3. An insult.

1.That guy has some Nigga Nigga speed.
Fuck, this Nigga Nigga steel is hard!
This Nigga Nigga Mosquito is pissing me off.
Shit! Nigga Nigga Nigger is stealing my wallet!

2. Hey Nigga Nigga.

3. Your a Nigga Nigga!

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What does "That nigga" mean?

meaning man to man, or real talk between two males.

Rich: Yo, did you drink my iced tea?

Ted: Nah, I didn't...

Rich: Ted, nigga to nigga, did you drink my iced tea?

Ted: Well, maybe I had a taste...

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That nigga - what does it mean?

The sound a chainsaw makes to scare black people.

Chainsaw: *nigga nigga nigga*
Black Person: "AHHHHHHHH" *runs in fear*

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That nigga - meaning

Your niggas nigga. So much a good nigga that he gotta be your best niggas nigga.

"Daaaaggg that Roscoe's such a good nigga, he a nigga nigga"

"You lemmie have dat ice cream? You a reall nigga nigga"

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That nigga - definition

Well to put it simply it’s your niggas niggas niggas nigga

Ayyyy what up my nigga nigga nigga nigga

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That nigga - slang

An amazing parody song on YouTube describing niggas. In the "This is Gangsta Rap" series.

Look up: This is gangsta rap- nigga nigga nigga

NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA, why do the police hate niggas?
NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA, they hate us cuz our dicks is bigger.


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That nigga

When your the og and you also the plug.

YBN Nahmir: I’m that nigga

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That nigga

The one and only Denzel

I wish I was like Denzel because he that nigga

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That nigga

That nigga is simply put THAT nigga. You can't really define it with words, but when that nigga's in town you'll know.

Schuyler: George you feel that vibe kinda feels like that nigga is in town.
George: Did you not hear the news? Alex came back from vacation.
Schuyler: OOOH, it's THAT NIGGA.

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