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What is baldy?

Northern Irish term to describe confusion, not knowing.

Paddy: Where da fucks the TV remote
John: Ah fuck i havent a baldy mate

Translates to English as
:Could you please tell me where i may find the TV remote control
:Oh my gosh, i am sorry but i do not know

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Baldy - what is it?

Mt. Baldy is the highest peak in Southern California. When standing at it's summit, one can see the ocean on a clear day. A science experiment conducted in the 1950's utilized the extraordinary line of sight in order to determine the exact speed of light.

Mt. Baldy Guide: If you look this way, you can see the Pacific Ocean..

Tourist: All I see is a brown mess...
Tourist 2: Smog, gotta love it

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What does "baldy" mean?

Shaved muff, rootie kazootie, Brazilena. A hairless mons. A waxjob.

Thanks to her baldy, she was the most popular cheerleader in the school.

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Baldy - what does it mean?

A kid who hasn't hit puberty, and has a really high voice and thinks lame jokes like NRB are the height of humour. And a lot of them are smartarses.

Stupid baldies will never get the hint that they are just stupid kids, and no one cares what they have to say. Stupid baldy fucks.

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A word used to describe Britney Spears' new hair style.

Dude 1: Have you seen baldy since she cut it all off?
Dude 2: Who's baldy?
Dude 1: Britney Spears.

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A women who has shaved off all her pubic hair

Your clitty lips look lovely, Baldy

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to have no hair on your head where its supposed to be. To have lost your hair and look unnatractive because of it.

you are such a baldy, grow some hair mike.

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A girl with a shaved mitt

Budsy was on fire last night. Took some baldy home and banged her stupid.

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A traditional skinhead, one who isn't racist. The opposite of a bonehead

There was a fight at the punk show last night between a Baldy and a Bonehead.

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common knickname for a bald-headed man. it is usually reserved as a greeting or term of endearment for a close acquaintance.

Hey baldy! What have u been up 2.

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