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What is babo?

A newborn of Asian decent and colossal size. Usually roars.

Hiun Yoo heard a roar from down the hallway, and knew that the baby his wife had just given birth to, was a baboes.

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Babo - what is it?

Korean for stupid, idiot, or fool.
Written: ??

"You're such a babo!"
"That was babo..."

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What does "babo" mean?

The turkish name for Boss. A Babo is only a Babo when he rules over Chabos. It is used in a positive sense. There is a German rap song about it from the German rapper Haftbefehl called "Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist"

This guy is so cool. He is such a Babo.

Ljona is such a Babo. He has so many Chabos.

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Babo - what does it mean?

A fine ass bitch or nigga. Bae, boyfriend, girlfriend, basically your partner.

Girl1: girl who is that fine man over there
Girl: that’s my babo right there

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Babo - meaning

Korean for "stupid", "foolish", "silly" etc.
Hangul: 바보

ex. "Naneun babo"

"λ‚˜λŠ” 바보"

"I'm stupid"

(ex taken from "Sorry Sorry" - Super Junior)

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Babo - definition

Stupid. Idiot. Kevin.

Why did a bird poop on you? You're babo!

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Babo - slang

Used by Mexicans, Central Americans, and some South Americans as a shortened version of the word "baboso" which means "stupid," or "slow," and is also an adjective synonymous with "idiot."

Mike: "Look at that dude over there, he just threw a bottle at the cops and ruined this family party!"
Carlos: "What a babo!! look, now he's trying to climb the fence and run away from them. And he's all drunk!"

(They both laugh as the babo gets pinned to the floor).

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Babo the baboon. babo can be used as an adjective noun verb or basically anything. it means anything and everything. Babo is a monkey. babo- silly monkey/baboon trapped in an unknown place. FREE BABO 2020. Babo is a potato that meep. bab odesn't make sense at all but it doesn't matter. it's anything and everything. babo. ur babo. i'm babo. he's babo. she's babo. it's babo. that's bobo. babo. babo is everyone's favorite position. the gluck gluck 9000 double hand twist vaccume seal doesn't even compare to how babo will make you feel. everyone loves babo. babo

brad- "yo chad" chad- "yeah brad?" brad - "you'll never guess what tiffany did to me last night" chad-"the gluck gluck 9000??" brad- "no, even better" chad- "broski that's not even possible what is it" brad- "THE BABO" chad- "no that's not possible. that only happens in legends!" brad- "it's even better than they say" chad- "that's gnarly dude" kyle- "hey dude's i woke up with a huge hangover. what's going on?" chad-- you'll never believe it, brad got baboed last night." kyle- "no way bro me too. stacy has a rockin' bod." chad- "yeah well guys mckenna AND stephanie gave me the gluck gluck AT THE SAME TIME. mckenna even pulled a reverse cowgirl on me" brad and kyle- "it's not the same"

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1. A Korean word for "stupid", "silly", or "idiot"
2. Rachael

Can be used without a verb as shown in the example.

Me - "You babo!"
Rachael - "No, you babo!"

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"Stupid" or "idiot" in Korean

person: You cheated! You babo!

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