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What is Idiot?

Jake paul

Jake Paul is an idiot.

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Idiot meme gif

Idiot - video

Idiot - what is it?

Just look at a picture of Scott Freeman.

Wow he really thinks Covid-19 is a conspiracy theory? Scott sounds like an idiot.

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What does "Idiot" mean?

A manly man with giant arms.

Look at Eric and Josh they’re Idiots. Unlike Will and his baby arms.

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Idiot - what does it mean?

1.People who attempt to boost their self-esteem or confidence by posting their most negative and stereotypical beliefs from the scial barrier of the Internet.

2.A person of low intellect.
3.A person incapable of earning their own living.
4.A person who, due to some profound physical/biological anomaly, is incapable of feeding, dressing, or bathing themselves.
5.Not necessarily somebody who goes to a particular website, enjoys a kind of music, supports a certain political party, etc. but a general description for a number of human beings regardless of race, nationality, religion(or lack thereof), etc.
6.A general social commentary used by people who believe that they are more inteligent than the other which basically means, "I don't like you, so I'm going to try to insult you."

She was an idiot! I don't like her.

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Idiot - meaning

Justin Bieber

Idiot, n.: Justin Bieber

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Idiot - definition

Other name for stupid and dumb ass

That fucking idiot swallowed a nickel on purpose.

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Idiot - slang


"Look at that idiot reading this sentence."

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Intelligence Quotient Scale:

Moron = 50-69

Imbecile = 30-49

Idiot = 29 & below

I would never call you a moron, or even an imbecile for that matter. That wouldn't be right! I know you are an idiot.

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Wow that guy is such an idiot.

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The person who is looking at this definition.

You are an idiot.

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