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What is arrested?

A person acting as the law, making an arrest without being a law-enforcerer

Did you see him do a citizens arrest? He could get jailed!

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Arrested - what is it?

Partiac Arrest occurs after a long, hard night of partying.

Symptoms include blurry vision, disturbed balance, heavy sweating, and overall numbness.

The body usually shuts down temporarily, but in some odd cases, permanently.

Dude, it looks like Charger is about to suffer from Partiac Arrest. We better get him to a couch STAT!

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What does "arrested" mean?

The name of a chocolate dessert. Used in Strong Bad email 'Bottom 10', where Strong Bad states that included in his bottom 10 is the ridiculous trend of giving chocolate desserts dangerous names.

Chocolardiac Arrest

(also, there is This Brownie Might Kill You and Chocozuma's Revenge)

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Arrested - what does it mean?

A "dude I was so drunk last night" story you can read about in the paper.

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Arrested - meaning

Something that you do that can cause you to be arrested. arrest arrested arresting

Stealing a car is an arrestable offense.

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Arrested - definition

Existing in a state of about to be in trouble.

When that girl gets drunk she is completely arrestable.

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Arrested - slang

multiple things that one could get arrested for possessing.

Rob: Hey tony whats with the box of arrestables?

Tony: Well i got my weed and pipe for smoking and the best place to store it is in this box.

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The process of containing an individual by holding them to the ground(belly down) and then proceeding to take their foot and rap it in their underwear. This usualy takes place when someone is getting out of control or running their mouth too much. When the individual tries to get up the only way they can is by ripping thier underwear.

Emily was running her mouth so me and Bovice decided to arrest her.

Dude started to get roudy so we took the neccessary precautions and gave him a citizens arrest.

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Act of having been arrested.

Zero: "If you don't see me next semester, it's because we got arrested."

Light: "Lol at your arrestation."

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What happens to everybody, because life is messed up.

Why do you think people get arrested, and that there are so many people in jail?
Nobody's perfect.

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