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What is semester?

a sad girl in college who is really going through it.

becky: “yo i’m about to have a hot girl semester this year”
susan: “imma have a sad girl semester hee hee

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Semester - what is it?

A friend you make the first semester at a new school. This is especially true of college. They will be one of your first friends and kind of fun, until you make close friends and your plans with the first semester friend get less and less frequent... one lunch date per week turns into one text turns into maybe a nod if you're feeling social. The friendship will never make it beyond first semester.

"Have you talked to Nicole lately?"
"Nah, I saw her on campus once and it was awkward. I guess she's just a first semester friend"

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What does "semester" mean?

A victim of senioritis. Often displays symptoms of apathy, procrastination with the realization that it-be 'it' school, sports, whatever-doesn't really matter anymore. Second semester seniors can be found lying in bed, on facebook, at a party, or anywhere that requires the least amount of work possible. The most important question to a second semester senior is:
'Does it REALLY matter?'

Students are no longer considered a second semester senior once they have graduated, whereafter procrastination and laziness is their own damn fault.
A second semester senior may have been anybody before senioritis hit- an IB/AP whiz, stoner, that foreign kid- because senioritis will claim anyone and everyone as its victim.

yo holmes, i ain't doin my psych poll- im a second semester seniorrr.

A second semester senior receives an F for both achievement and effort.

I am writing this definition instead of filling out scholarship info.
It is a good choice.

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Semester - what does it mean?

A male whom is a temporary replacement for a male role for only a semesters length in a girls life. Needs certain attributes in order to keep the fling going and exciting. No strings attached unless otherwise clarified. it has to be very clear that the girl is using him for a placeholder until she finds Mr. right.

Kate: I'm hanging out with Kevin, and hes a lot of fun but i dont want anything serious so im going to make him my semester boyfriend.
Maria: Thats what i did last semester, works out for the best.

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People who pretend to be your friends during a particular school semester so they can benefit from you by copying homeworks, cheating off of you on exams, etc... After that particular semester is over they act like you do not exist unless they can benefit from you for another semester.

Bitch, I'm not letting you copy my homework because you're nothing more than a semester jester.

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Pertaining to the high school students in their second semester of senior year, it is the act of doing poorly on one's assingment, paper, and or tests.

This does not just go for schoolwork, can be done in all facets of life also.

dude, I totally second semestered that test.

I didnt even read the book, I'm gonna second semester it

I just second semestered that red light

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Someone you hang out with for one, but up to two, semesters during college/university. After that, they drop off the face of the planet and/or make no effort to interact with you.

This state of "friendship" is further exacerbated if they're hostile or indifferent when you attempt contact with them.

Sam was just a semester friend. We hung out during Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009, but now she never talks to me anymore.

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Semester Suicide is taking a course load that will kill your social life and your happiness.

You're taking Organic Chem and Cal 2! That's semester suicide.

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A person who is in your class who only associates with you in order to be more familiarized with the course and assignments.

Mandy invites Billy to her birthday party after finals but Billy declines due to the fact that classes are no longer in session.

Mandy sees Billy on campus next term. Billy walks by not acknowledging her hello. Billy was a semester friend.

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A period of time in school where almost everyone thats not too fucked in their classes begin to do everything they can to raise or maintain their grades.

Jimmy had to kiss ass and do all his work in order to pass his classes before second semester.

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