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What is administration?

Person who flys a desk, often moving and pushing paper from one area to the next to appear busy. Sports a clipboard and ensures the more mundane tasks are completed. Enjoys acting as mediator for office drama

I can't escape the wrath of the office administrator.

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Administration - what is it?

The means to make planning an actuality. Any system of translation of thought into reality. (mostly used when talking about how to organize people or activities of people. This word also applies to things done that may not directly relate to what the person or group is trying to do such as paper work and working out schedules)

When a President takes office he must select people that will get the results he wants. This is all apart of his administration.

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What does "administration" mean?

Administrate is NOT A FUCKING WORD GODDAMMIT. The "administrator" of something is the person who "administers" it.

There is no example because administrate is NOT A FUCKING WORD GODDAMMIT.

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Administration - what does it mean?

This is a term for a homesexual relationship. Prior to anal sex this person is responsible for getting the anus prepared for the act itself. He may do things such as douche the anal cavity, enema the anus, apply but plugs and lube, etc. to said sexual partner

Jerry is a fag but at least he is an adminstartor. What do you mean? He never gets mud on his helmet.

That gay dude tried to rape Reggie last week and still insisted on being an Administrator prior to the forced but fucking. He must like that ass clean!

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Administration - meaning

A person of high power in an educator position who finds pleasure in suspending young students for doing absolutely nothing and completing their homework.

In a day of school shootings and sodomy initiations, I'm glad my school administrator's are keeping me safe from dangerous slogans and images

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Administration - definition

Those sad sacks of meat with questionable job titles who walk around high schools all day and tell kids to "quiet down!" and perform the essential duty of reprimanding teenage lovers for their PDA (Public Displays of Affection.) Usually the highest paid employees in the school district.

The noise in the cafeteria rose above the decibel level of a single chirping cricket, so the administration was called in to restore order.

70 children were expelled that day.

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Administration - slang

Somebody who ensures the day-to-day running of something, be it a system, a business, etc.

Online, they run everything from servers to websites, forums, chatrooms, etc.

They are charged with the responsibility of keeping everything running and in order. As such, they have powers well above and beyond those of regular users

Ask an administrator to fix it.

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The person who is the man and the woman of the forum or site. They can do anything, use the ban hammer on members if necessary, is a global moderator, and even edit user profiles, and much, much more. Sometimes, with money, you can do a lot of other things, like buy to turn off ads, etc.

Administrators have all the power, but, if you are an admin, please do not abuse your power, especially when using the ban hammer.

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The duty of office workers who work with, establish, or deal with the logistics of various tasks of the office.

Paper pushers.

The Bush Administration proceeded to create a new agency that studies how life could be created in primordial soup.

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the man, the powers that be, the state, esp. when referring to the government in power. Often refers to a faceless entity, powers unseen that exercise control.

Occasionally refers to unelected or unremovable powers. A dictatorship or totalitarian state. Big Brother.

The Bush administration is making the rules.

Microsoft's administration could give a rat's ass whether or not you like Vista, it is coming pre-installed.

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