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What is school shootings?

the best thing on TV since the super bowl

there was a school shooting on tv and i laughed at those impotents who shot themselves

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school shootings - video

School shootings - what is it?

Yet another reason why "gun-free" zones don't work.

"There was another school shooting! Guns should be banned from school!"

"Weapons are already banned from school. Maybe if they weren't, students could DEFEND THEMSELVES"

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What does "school shootings" mean?

School Shootings aren't funny you guys!!

School shootings are really funny man.

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School shootings - what does it mean?

What happens when the emo kids listens to too much screamo and foster the people

Are you a school shooter doing a school shooting

Hi I’m Barry Scott and now with new AKG 47
You can wipe those hallways clean of the society people who are normal.
If you buy now you will get an AKG 47 with a free mpx !
AKG 47 , fuck society

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School shootings - meaning

American Culture.

Sorry to say but school shooting is so american now. Its non stop. And no i am not racist.
Eric: Hey dylan, wanna go on a school shooting?
Dylan: Nigga im dead.
Eric: Ok

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School shootings - definition

when a Eugene decides to look in his backpack for more than 10 seconds and rapes everyone with his ak 47 (note, only applies to white Eugenes) Asian Eugenes go on another route called a school stabbing which involves a tiny asian man screaming BAAAAZAI while plunging his dull knife as if he was shoving his 2 inch egg plant up a girl

oh shit Eugene go on a school shooting

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School shootings - slang

The favourite past time of children in America

Person1: what are you doing this week

Person2: you know, the same old stuff

Person1: ohh. School shootings

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School shootings

Math teacher: let’s start subtracting

Math teacher: *pulls out ak47*

β€œThe quiet kid reaches into the back”
*1 min later*


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School shootings

A way to Express your feelings to the school by executing them and let them be happy in hell

I'm gonna shoot school jk not real

School shootings

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School shootings

A trend in the United States of America where white kids shoot up a school

White kid: wtf I just did 9 damage this game is shit
Black kid: chill my negus it’s just a game
White kid: *shoots up the school with his dads ar the next day*
Black kid: wtf is with all these white kids doing school shootings

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