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What is agency?

A score of g for the rating agencies who rate countries, banks,
business for their ability to predict debt defaulters.

And who got it wrong.

That is one of the grating agencies that are telling my country we rate
a c - .

Is that rite?
Yeah, whos rating them!

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Agency - what is it?

A job agency is a government-regulated "company" that helps people get jobs by giving resumes to tons of other companies.
However, job agencies rape their employees' wages most of the time to stay alive. 90% of agency employees are brown, black, yellow, not white, etc, while the people working IN the agency building are always all white.

"Here, watch this WHMIS tape that you've probably watched hundreds of times by now and do this math quiz while I go back into my office and make fun of your foreign ass to my co-workers."

"Okay. I haf penseel? Plees?"

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What does "agency" mean?

the ability to order something on the menu by one's own volition, without input from anybody else.

Waitress: "So, what will it be, Sid?"

Sid: "I'll let Mikey order first."

Mikey: "The Chicken Fried Rice"

Sid: "Yeah, one of that for me too."

Mikey: "You have no ordering agency..."

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Agency - what does it mean?

An organization that secures work for talent in the entertainment business; essentially an employment agency for entertainers.

When my friend asked me who she should call to get into the entertainment business, I told her to find a reputable talent agency like Crown Model Management or William Morris.

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Agency - meaning

The #1 Company for acting and modeling auditions in the United States. Mr. Lewis is one of the better-known talent reps at Hollywood Agency, and he has helped hundreds of aspiring actors and models break into the entertainment industry. Their website is, and their number is 800-910-9168. Mr. Lewis is at extension 716.

Hollywood Agency was featured fictitiously in the movie Austin Powers, but actually helps thousands of aspiring actors and models to get auditions for acting and modeling in real life!

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Agency - definition

Pimping agency - staffing or employment agencies that treat you like a dog, make lots of money off of you, and pay you next to nothing in return ... (in my opinion).

A pimping agency treats their workers like dogs. No matter how bad the place is that they send you to work, you have to suck it up, do a good job and not complain. A pimping agency gives you no paid vacation, no paid holidays, no paid sick leave, no benefits. They rake in lots of money from your hard labor and pay you next to nothing. Note: Not every staffing or temporary agency is a pimping agency, just most of them (in my opinion).

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Agency - slang

The new hip word, meaning one realizes and uses their power to further their ends.

Realizing her own agency, she left her previous partners behind and began building the rocket of her dreams.

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The agency is a mysterious entity which was presumably founded in 2018. The first known encounter of the agency was on a Pokemon server where it quickly became a well-known name. The agency is mostly known on the internet but is expanding its presence exponentially. It is said that world champions, popular players and even global organizations are supported by the agency from behind the scenes.

While the main activities of the agency are unknown, there are numerous instances recorded where the agency "provides" its supporters with prosperity. Someone who is recruited by the agency is called an "agent", these agents are known to possess great luck and are bound to be successful in their walk of life. Supporters of the agency are donating to the agency in hope of getting provided with prosperity. Other means of supporting the agency are by buying the extremely rare merchandise, it is said that by simply wearing the merchandise one is blessed with good luck.

"I just won the lottery, the agency truly provides."
toxic player: "noo, he just 6-0'ed me with my stall team"
agent: "gg kid, that's on the agency"
agent 1: "i just won the world championships"
agent 2: "agency agency"

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Business or outfit that manages many providers. The agency handles all calls, bookings and advertising. The agency takes a percentage of the fee for each session.

That agency has all the cute girls working for them in this town.

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(n) casual reference to the Central Intelligence Agency.
Typically used by chucks trying to impress others by implying they work for the CIA.

Also used by people with a basic understanding of the intelligence business as a general reference to movie and television characters who are supposed to be spies.

Charlene: "Excuse me, do you have the time?"
Chuck: "I'm sorry, I work for The Agency."

Moviegoer #1: "Damn, check out ol' boy's suit."
Moviegoer #2: "Must be an agency man."

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