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What is a kiss?

to be treated roughly and abused, taken advantage of

I'm tired of being fucked without a kiss, I want a raise. She took all my money and left me with nothing, the bitch fucked me without a kiss

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A kiss - what is it?

The status of being a virgin, having no sexual intercourse. Sealed referring to having an intact hymen.

I think you're the only girl in our class who's sealed without a kiss, Amber!

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What does "a kiss" mean?

A fun game designed in the Garden State. To play read on.

Lemon, Safety Scissors, Wood Plank

First, take the safety scissors and bang them upon the wooden plank until they break and are potentially lethal. Then, grab the next Australian person you see and slash his achilles tendon. Retrieve bowie knife from his person. With the bowie knive, tear out lemon meat leaving only the peel. Finally chase people around with it
(making its lips move, and shout, "Gimme a kiss!) at random. Enjoy immensely.

Not tonight Oliver, everytime we play Gimme a kiss you end up going to jail and i have to wait until after the trial to experience illegal bottom pleasure.

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A kiss - what does it mean?

Farting at someone. Can be naked (hence the pucker) or clothed. Great inconspicuous euphemism

She: I'm thinking of blowing a kiss to you later.

Me: Thanks!

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A kiss

Show them this anytime you want to kiss your boyfriend but he wont let you or your crush

A kiss pass for anyone

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A kiss

What you shout to somebody you like, either as a joke or as a way to get a kiss.

-Gimme a kiss!
*kissing noises*

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A kiss

For the love of Christ, do you really need a definition for this?

The guy asked the Hooter's waitress for a kiss. He went home with another hole in his ass.

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A kiss

The last time you kiss your steady, because him/her has to move out of town. And it will be the last time you see each other.

This is very emotional for both steadies.

Steady1: Baby? Can I have A Kiss Goodbye?
Steady2: Of course sweetheart, Goodbye Baby. I love you.

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A kiss

To give someone a quick little kiss when they aren't expecting one. You have to be bold to steal a kiss.

Boy: "What would you say if I were to steal a kiss when you're least expecting it?"
Girl: *steals a kiss*

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A kiss

When you put your lips against another indeviduals lips

I gave her a kiss

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