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What is be strong?

n. It is a slang term that is used to describe drugs that are very effective in getting a person or a group of people high. It is normally used to say weed in secret.

Example 1
Crack head: Aye man you got summa that strong

Dealer: Yea man

Example 2
Guy 1: Dude that party was wild

Guy 2: Yea is so geeked up off that strong you gave me

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Be strong - what is it?

The Tomlinsons

That's it. They are strong.

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What does "be strong" mean?

Meaning, "strange", but pronounced in a french accent, the word "stronge" is used to express surprise when you have made a mistake or you are at fault for something.

It's used to deflect criticism you may feel is implicit in the accuser's tone.

Jason: "This report is full of mistakes!"
Olivier: "Stronge"

Jason: "I've left you all day doing this, and there's still bits missing!"
Olivier: "Stronge"

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Be strong - what does it mean?

cool, awesome, great, sweet, tight, fly, ill, rack

boy 1: check you my new shoes, man, arent they coo?
boy 2: mann, those shoes are strong!

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Be strong - meaning

"Those who can face this world alone; who seem to get by on their own." -Garth Brooks

Jacob's weakness's have made him a strong person.

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Be strong - definition

A riff on the concept of retard strength. Usually used to imply someone is or is acting retarded.

Bryce: *Does something entirely moronic.*
Sam: How are you not strong(er)?

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Be strong - slang

A person that can take mental and physical abuse and still surpress the urge to get even

"damn this dude is stronger then i'll ever be"

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Be strong

very potent weed

"hey bruh put that mid shit away i only be smokin strong"

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Be strong

someone who comes off as confident
someone who is comfortable in there own skin
someone who can take on the world
someone who should be very proud of themselves

Erin is a very strong person.

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Be strong

They tell you this. They don’t under stand what you told them means a lot to you. They’re confused of what to say they don’t want to make it worse or help they can’t help it’s for you to do they are them selfish person still be sitting watching you drag your chain don’t trust anyone unless they’re trying to help you cut that chain off

I lost (family)

Be strong

I lost (something important)
It’s ok I’ll be here talk to me

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