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What is meeting?

The phrase 'meet it' is sometimes shouted in Sunday league football matches by a team's coach or manager. It is shouted when a goal kick or clearance is in the air and going towards a player, the player is then obliged to head or kick the ball anywhere because letting the ball bounce in Sunday league football is almost a death wish.

" Meet it!!!" *player then slices the ball out of play*
"Why didn't you meet it? We lost because of that counter attack."

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Meeting - what is it?

to take a shit

It's 1:15pm time for our daily meeting

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What does "meeting" mean?

Used by teachers to discuss having a cigarette on their break. Usually used in front of the children.

"Hey, are you going to that meeting at recess?"
"Hey, hurry up we have that meeting"
and the most obvious use of the word
"Hey are you coming for a meeting at recess?"

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Meeting - what does it mean?

A period of time used to talk about the things(work) you should do if you were not in a meeting.

we have a meeting for the project at 10Am.

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Meeting - meaning

a meeting of any anonymous fellowship like a.a or n.a

addict 1: you goin to the 830 meeting tonight
addict 2: ya man
addict 1: see ya there

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Meeting - definition

an unnecessary exercise in bullshit and stupidity, usually brought on by others to make themselves look important and productive.

-how was your meeting today?
-it was just as normal, bob went on about something or other for 45 mins.

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Meeting - slang

An opportunity to meet new friends and impress people during work time, without actually having to do any work.

The greatest exponents of the meeting never actually do any work, but still manage to progress through the company at an alarming rate. This is achieved through two key strategies:

1: The use of key words within the meeting environment such as "added value", "customer centric", "think outside the box" and "rationalisation".

2: Scheduling their time so that meetings end and bigin 5 minutes apart throughout the day. This gives them time to stride purposely through the office muttering "I musn't be late for this important meeting", thus making themselves appear incredibly valuable to the organisation, without anyone ever understanding exactly what it is they do all day.

I have no work to do, and I need to look busy in case the boss comes back.

I know - I will call a meeting!

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Discrete term meaning to masturbate.

My roommate left for class, so it was time for a meeting.

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A period of time used to talk about the things(work) you should do if you were not in a meeting.

we have a meeting for the project at 10Am.

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where minutes are taken and hours are lost

I thought the meeting to talk about planning for designing a new media policy was a waste of time. It could have been finished by the time we were done.

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