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What is Therese?

an ass belonging to an unknown caymanian girl...this ass is nicer than you mother and bigger than your face! its so great that it makes all the girls jealous. it has its own ID, and gets into the club by itself...upon the owners departing from the earth... it will be framed in the royal ontario musuem (ROM) in toronto canada!

shit sweet therese is looking to fly today

dude sweet therese just got us into the club! YEAH!

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Therese - meme gif

Therese meme gif

Therese - video

Therese - what is it?

a cute famous norwegian stand up comedian who tells jokes while she is on a big boat. people are traveling with the boat just to see Therese. she tells all types of jokes, but she has a dry humor and most of the jokes are kind of dry. another reason to take the boat is that Therese is a girl who everybody likes and you just have to smile when she is around

omg i wish i was just as funny as Therese Christensen

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What does "Therese" mean?

a nice person,pretty cute,cool,fun to be with, very funny

therese is so nice, she pretty cool

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Therese - what does it mean?

Has a fraternal twin sister named Annemae that is more shy and quiet. Therese is older than her twin by two minutes. Therese is the louder and more outgoing twin. Therese is shorter than Annemae. They look nothing alike.

I can't believe that girl Annemae is twins with Therese. They are nothing alike.

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Therese - meaning

best chick alive.

super attractive and just plain haawwt ! An angel sent from heaven and when God made her he was showing off.
Funny and cute, she knows how to have a good time. Trustworthy and laid back- tell her anything and she'll keep it quiet. :)

she was so sweet, such a therese

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Therese - definition

A very small, wonderful and beautiful girl who is irresistable to all guys. She has got deep brown eyes and when she looks at you the only thing you can think about is that you want her to be yours. She is sexy like DAMN and her body's curvy. A woman with a beauty you've never experienced before. She's also smart and intellectual and will make your life complete.

His friend: Your dreaming of Therese?! ... Give up dude.

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Therese - slang

A hot girl that all boys want to marry and more.

That girl is such a Therese!

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Therese likes to wear sweat pants.

No need to visit the zoo, Therese resembles a bear.

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There’s is an amazing person with an extremely kind, warm heart. She is drop dead gorgeous, super smart, and hella funny. Don’t even get me started on how perfect Therese is. She has the most beautiful long, dark brown, silky hair. She also has the most amazing smile that is soooo contagious. Not to mention her eyes are sooooo pretty and mesmerizing. All there’s are extremely special and fantastic people. She has an amazing personality and character. She is the girl that everyone else is jealous of and wishes to be. And guy that has a Therese on their life is sooo extremely lucky. She it honestly the most beautiful perfect girl, and they better treat her well bc she is a rare jewl. There’s is a loyal friend that cares deeply about everyone. She can make even the most depressed person smile and laugh with just a short conversation. If you have a Therese in your life you better cherish her and tell her how freaking amazing she is, and you better not ever mess up that friend ship bc you will never find anyone nearly as perfect as her.

Girl: β€œomg did you see that girl Therese, she is just so perfect, I’m sooooo jealous”

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she’s not theresa so don’t call her that

hello therese

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