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What is room?

The meth capital of the world. Located at a motel in Brokeville, Oklahoma. All the crackheads in the city have lived in this room at one point or another and this room is now very renowned. The room also has some very luxurious amenities such as a free cig that you will find on the ground as soon as you walk into the room. It is a blessing to enter this room and you should consider yourself blessed if you get the chance.

Post Malone was in Brokeville over the weekend and came to this motel, due the his crackhead appearance, his ass was given Room 107 and I think he was real impressed because he felt at home.

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Room - what is it?

The best place for a shit at work, usually the disabled toilet.

Bobby: Dave, I'm turtle heading! I'm off to the Throne Room to squeeze this bad boy out.

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What does "room" mean?

The Room is when you are on the brink of insanity, and you will do anything to get out of it.

I was about to enter The Room when I decided to go surf the internet.

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Room - what does it mean?

An abreviation of the expression 'Room Temperature', meaning plain or neutral. Most commonly used in reference to physical appearance; someone who is neither attractive or unattractive.

"Do I think Lindsay Lohan is hot? Erm... I don't know... maybe. Can't quite decide one way or the other. I'd say she's room."

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Room - meaning

Church basements and community centers where alcoholics anonymous and other 12 step programs are held. These sessions have an undertone of secrecy. Drugsaddictionsexsteps

"I know we've met somewhere. Did you go to State?"
"No, i've seen you in the rooms. I go to St Luke's on Sundays."

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Room - definition

The best movie ever! Go watch it! (PewDiePie approves)

“The room is good movie

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Room - slang

The person you room with. A form of "roomie" but a lot more thug.

I'm going to go uptown with my rooms and tear ish up.

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Possibly the best movie ever made, ever. Written, directed, produced, and starred in by the same guy, The Room teaches us all valuable life lessons about sex, love, fidelity, and looking sexy in red dresses.

The Room is set in San Francisco.

Johnny: Hi babe.
Lisa: Hi Johnny.
Johnny: I bought you a sexy red dress.
Lisa: It's beautiful.
Johnny: Anything for my princess!

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Memory space on a hard drive.

Sorry, I can't download that porn video, I have no more room.

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a secific place inside a house

one room in the house is a living room.

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