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What is keep it?

"Stay cool. Stay a brutal and feral beast. Owe the world no apologies. Have a beard." - MIKE MCKENZIE, guitarist from THE RED CHORD.

1)A statement - "Hey man, just chill out... Keep it wolf."

2)A farewell - "Take it easy, bro... Keep it wolf."

3)However the fuck you want it to mean, just keep it wolf.

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Keep it - what is it?

1. to stay relaxed, keep it solid and be stress free.

2. keep your cool at any given situation knowing stressing out wont help.
3. to not let your negative emotions control you; think with your head.
4. stay positive

Bob: Dude! they're kicking us out for something we didn't even do?! WTF
Tom: I'll talk to the manager about this and see if i can work things out.

Bob: Good because thats not cool.
Tom: Keep it mellow bro. its not the time to be stressing. plus, we can always find something way better and funner to do.

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What does "keep it" mean?

a conversation ender like good day or goodbye
means keep it real or have a nice day

ryan: alright im rollin out
josh: aight man keep it moist

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Keep it - what does it mean?

When you have a run in with the cops and you have illegal substances you keep it cool by acting calm, smart, and in control of yourself. Never run or panic.

Joe: Damn dude we're getting pulled over hide the weed and put the blunt out!!!
Eric: Ight man just keep it cool we might get out of this

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Keep it

To not be fake. Be yourself.

I'm keeping it real.

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Keep it

A parting tagline inferring to maintain one's current level of 'coolness' or scenester status.

Hey, thanks for the drink man - I'll catch you later, keep it chill.

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Keep it

In 2008 people in general would say they keep it 100% meaning they were fully being real honest or truthful,when they weren't. Slate Stone, inspired by hip-hop declared to keep it 1000 to separate the real from the fake. Keep it one thousand. This term originated in West Texas on KSTQ Hot 104.3

"Nowadays everyone say they 100...but over here we keep it 1000.."

"..too many people falsifying, just keep it 1thou.."
"Stay 1000, and Loyalty & respect will come..

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Keep it

To maintain a level of respect for oneself and those around you,similar to how those of a "gangsta" background earn respect through their actions and by not disrespecting others of a similar background

"Keep it G,fam."

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Keep it

Derivative of "keep it gangsta". The shortened "keep it" is usually said in either a quick burst (not unlike Sagat from Street Fighter II when he yells "Tiger!"), an exaggeratedly high pitch/white voice, or a low and hushed half-serious voice to emphasize the "solemn" trust given to the other person to "keep it (gangsta)" despite all the opposition one may face.

This phrase's originated as a satirical jab at white people who try to "keep it gangsta" as well as those in the genuine thug subculture who are sincerely concerned about "keeping it gangsta".

K-Fed: "Whatcha think 'bout my new CD, yo?!! Yeeea!"

Travis: "Keep it Mr. Spears!"

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Keep it

A saying of disgust when someone offers you something. Can be said alone, or can be added in front of whatever it is your being offered.

“Yeah, that tramp offered to sleep with James, but he said ‘Keep the pussy, just keep it!’”

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