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What is Moisted?

To be referred to as moist is to say you are ill informed or have said something idiotic or embarrassing.
Moist can also be used to describe a situation or occurrence. If someone is faced with a circumstance that is particularly displeasing it's also acceptable to say something like 'rahh that's moist'.

'I've got no friends man!'
'Allow that your bare moist'

'I can't man I'm going to my parents wedding'

Thats moist / Your moist / or if you want to be harsh simply just say...Moist

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Moisted - what is it?

Used to describe a soft, cheesy or girly person or situation.

Guy : I sang to my girlfriend last night .

Friend : that’s bloody moist

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What does "Moisted" mean?

When something is slightly wet.

Holy crap da grass is MOIST

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Moisted - what does it mean?

When you are currently getting moist

This is such good porn i am moisting

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Moisted - meaning

A very obese, lazy bitch sitting in a 110 degree room, who hasn't showered in 5 years, and is entirely naked.

Neil: I live with a moist bitch.
The choir: *gasps*

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Moisted - definition

The greatest word in the dictionary. Add to an innocent sentence to make it sound dirty. Double the pleasure by combining with words like panties and genitals. Moist is the perfect word to make others uncomfortable.

"That's so moist."
"Dude, unless you're describing cake, moist isn't very cool."

"Doesn't that make your panties moist?"

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Moisted - slang

An adjective used to describe how awesome something or someone is.

Austin's neon fanny pack was moiste as shit.

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The word that if said properly can make many people uncomfortable.

Adam: "That's some MOIST water"
Neil: "Dude, you cant say weird stuff like that"

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When a womans pussy gets wet and lubricated from sexual excitement.

Michele gets a moist on everytime she fondles a male stripper.

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Wetting of the underwear due to someone scaring someone

Ha Ha did you see that? That kid just got moisted!

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