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What is womans?

Not a man

That’s no man, it’s a woman

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Womans - what is it?

A man who is basically a man whore and uses women

"You're such a womanizer"

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What does "womans" mean?

1. The female equivalent of "The Man". An extremely high form of praise usually used to describe a girl who is highly respected and highly attractive. A female is usually referred to as "The Woman" after doing and saying things that are worthy of respect on a daily basis.

"She's so funny; She's The Woman."

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Womans - what does it mean?

A man who β€œgives the look” to many women, knows how cute he is, flirts with everyone, and understands the art of seduction- but is still an idiot!

Have you been flying with Jamie? Don’t do it, he’s a total womanizer!

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Womans - meaning

A person (usually male) who plays with multiple women's emotions until he gets them to have feelings for him and then ends the relationships the second they do. Usually suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome because they just can't grow up and it's all a game to them.

Peter Scrivanos was a notorious neighborhood womanizer.

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Womans - definition

Men who are emotionally unavailable, due to patterns of dysfunctional love.
Unpredictable, dishonest, high ego, charming, full of charisma, completely irresistible, extremely seductive.
They hold your attention like nobody else, all out of an unconscious desire to prove constantly that they are real men by the number of conquests they can make, they actually need permanent external validation from different women, so they dont sense love with them, as they banalized them as objects to get attention or sex.

They get terrified of a woman getting too close to him.
Theres 2 ways of womanizers: cheaters or players.

6 Sure Signs You’re with a womanizer:

1) He rarely includes you in activities with his friends.
2) He only calls or comes by when he wants sex, or something he needs, and leaves mostly right afterward.
3) When you see him, it’s always during the week, or when it’s convenient for him, seldom is you who choose.
4) He won’t call you much after all, or replay your emotional text messages.
5) When you want to discuss his behavior, he will seduced you again and convince you its all about you, in your head, not him.
6) at the beginning he can be proud to show you his home, later on, You would rarely spend the night at his place. He can find many excuses to don't do that.

"he tells me lovely nice things, though he do excactly the same with many other girls, he is a total womanizer"

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Womans - slang

Not a man

I respect that woman.

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a female human

a woman is a female human

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Something me and you have never touched

female girl woman

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Something about a woman
Something that a woman has

Look at that womans shirt!

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