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What is properly?

When you smoke the perfect amount and you’re not too high but you’re high enough

*John and Jackson both take two last hits of the blunt and ditch it*

John: I’m pretty high dude.

Jackson: Yeah, that blunt got me properly blowed

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Properly - what is it?

When C.B. is really drunk and urinates in nicks laundry basket. Upon furthur questioning, he states "It wasnt properly labeled."

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What does "properly" mean?

The kind of sex that from start to finish you feel over every inch of your body.

And when it’s over, you’re sore for days, yet riding a wave of euphoria at the same time.
Being properly fucked is something you feel in your body, your head, and your heart. You cannot wait for it to happen again.

When Martin told Heather she was going to be properly fucked, she had no idea what she was in for.
She had no idea how badly she would ache for it again and again.

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Properly - what does it mean?

When you're not quite salty, but you're properly seasoned.

Bro, I just about to get the perfect spot in the parking lot when a guy jumped in and took it, I was salty for a second, but then I got the second best spot, so i'm just properly seasoned.

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Properly - meaning

What Rick does to Tara when they are together.

Everytime Rick visits Tara he makes sure she is properly fucked.

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Properly - definition

You lift up your shirt, wear your pants backward, do a handstand, and take a big shit through your zipper hole. Then you ask your mother once she is finished with her dinner if she could kindly wash your nutsack.

Hey man, I just took the biggest shit of my life.
Did you make sure to lift up your shirt? Its a common courtesy thing.
No, I wasn't properly shitting.

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Properly - slang

The favorite word in the entire english language of Devin R aka Pilates

Devin can only properly type a proper email if she uses the word properly at least 1 time.

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To do something to the extreme

We were properly spectating man

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To do something to the extreme

we were properly going man

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