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What is The word?

The Word Alive is a badass band that has 6 members; Tyler "Telle" Smith, Nick Urlacher, Tony P., Tony A, Dusty, and Zack Hansen. The Word Alive used to be the side project of Craig Mabbit (Former Blessthefall vocalist, current Escape the Fate vocalist). Mabbitt was kicked out due to The Word Alive wanting to be signed to Fearless Records and Mabbit already being signed to Epitaph records. The Word Alive has a EP out now called "Empire". One of the greatest metal bands with Dusty doing amazing synth boarding.

The Word Alive is brutal as shit

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The word - what is it?

means to keep this a secret; don't tell anybody

I don't want anybody to know about this affair until next week, so mum's the word!

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What does "The word" mean?

the word is well i don't know do i bah to u and ur friends

the word was said get him lads

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The word - what does it mean?

noone knows where the word came from it is a word that no man can pronounce i hear the only man who could's face colapsed into nothing so beware the word for it calls the mob

he said the word mob him lads

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The word

this is code or slang for getting in good with someone of the opposite sex. whether it be getting first, second, third or a grand slam when you get it you wanna spread the word

this could also be considered when your girl is open to take it to the next level whatever that level maybe

Guy 1: dude you look happy

Guy:2 Oh you bet man I got " The Word "

Guy 1: shut up! She agreed to take it to the next level?

Guy 2: What did I tell you man She gave me " The Word "

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The word

The Word is Daemon. All must hear The Word.

"I am Daemon. I am the Word. My Format: Supervirus. My Function: to bring Unity to the Net. All must hear The Word."

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The word

It is the best word

I use the word in every thing

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The word

I can't believe you haven't heard.

Everybody's heard about the bird.
Ba-ba-ba-bird bird bird
Bird is the word...

Everybody's talkin' about the bird.
Bird is the word.

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The word

Currently, the bird is the word. Even though some are unaware that the bird is the word, in most places, every one is talking about the bird.

"Do you, or do you not know about the bird? Because everybody has heard that the bird is the word."

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The word

The bird is the word.

(Taken from the trashmans song: surfin bird. This also appears on the episode of family guy - I Dream Of Jesus)

e.g. Well everybody knows the bird is the word !

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