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What is Fucked?

A condition in which one has no way around a bad situation.

The cops caught us, so we are fucked.

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Fucked - what is it?

The state of being when a situation or thing is messed up, stupid, retarded, or completely screwed. In essence, if something is FUBAR, its fucked. Also can replace "fucked up".

Fox: "Dude, can you believe that bullshit!? Its totally fucked!"
Fritz: "I know! Completely fucked!"

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Video meme

What does "Fucked" mean?

Being in love with two sisters

You are madly in love with the older sister but then you fall in love with her younger sister. You can't meet the older sister but you can date the younger one. That's Fucked!

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Fucked - what does it mean?

Brexit. That's literally all I have to say as a definition.

Teacher: "Now, who knows what Brexit is?"
Student: "I do! Brexit is fucked!"

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Fucked - meaning

When your in a terrible horiffic predicament

Donald trump is really going to be fucked if he really tries to build that wall

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Fucked - definition

/fÅ­kd/ verb (trans.):

1. The state of being in an unfortunate or dismal position.

2. The condition in which Humanity is rapidly deteriorating. This phenomenon can be observed in all aspects of daily life, regardless of an individual's personal predisposition.

1. "We're fucked."

2. "Did you see the news lately? Man, we're fucked..."

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Fucked - slang

1. To be up shit creek without a paddle. 2. To be bent over and penetrated in such a way that is only becoming to Thai whores

Our economy is SO fucked!

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That guy with the flat tire is fucked!

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When nothing goes your way and there is nothing you can do about it.

dude #1 "dude, I totally just had the most life changing shit ever, I was pushing so fucking hard, all my blood went downstairs, giving me a boner, so I couldn't piss straight, now it's all over my nanas bathroom, plus, I still can't get this shit out!"

dude #2 "you're so fucked"

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What you call a man with no arms and no legs in the middle of the ocean

"oh look that guys fucked!"

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