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What is Donald trump?

Wtf is wrong with this guy, he’s an idiot who looks like a orange trash can or something like that, he’s really stupid.

Look that trash can looks like Donald Trump.

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Donald trump - video

Donald trump - what is it?

A ignorant person who is the twin of a puffy Cheeto. He thinks he can take people away from their homes when really he is in our home!

Donald trump sucks

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What does "Donald trump" mean?

Donald trump is a racist homophobic sexist bitch that has no Idea what he is doing

Me: Donald trump is a homophobic racist sexist rat and he is an orange 🍊

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Donald trump - what does it mean?

Not my president

β€œDonald Trump is not my president”

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Donald trump - meaning

Donald trump is a racist homophobic sexist rat who has no clue what his orange butt is doing

Me: Donald trump is a racist homophobic sexist rat who has no clue what he is doing

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Donald trump - definition

A person who isn't really a good president

Obama was a much better president then Donald trump
Very rude

People: Donald trump is separating children from there parents because of there face that messed up
Donald trump: I'm trying to protect the country
People: your protecting by shutting down the govnerment? Good thing the government is back.

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Donald trump - slang

A lot of you voted for him and now regret it

Donald trump by mac miller is better than Donald trump

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Donald trump

A self destruction to the world and a soon outvoted president.Also the one who promised to make america great again but spoiled the promise

Donald trump is best at (anything negative)

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Donald trump

A messed up cross of the wicked witch, the Tinn man, and the scarecrow.

What is that orange lump?
Oh, that’s the brainless, heartless,
Face of evil!
Oh, it’s Donald trump

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Donald trump

Ugly as hell.

There go Donald trump

Black ppl:his ugly ass

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