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What is FPS?

Fucked up Piece of Shit

You are a FPS (Fucked up Piece of Shit)

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FPS - meme gif

FPS meme gif

FPS - video

FPS - what is it?

FPS is an abbreviated term for Fractured Penis Syndrome.
FPS does not mean that one's penis is injured. It means that one is born with a dysfunctional penis.

My best friend was dumped by his girl friend because she found out that he had an FPS.

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What does "FPS" mean?

First Person Shooter

Halo is sometimes considered the best FPS of all time.

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FPS - what does it mean?

1) First person shooter

2) Frames-per-second

3) Feet per second

4) Fat Piece of Shit

1) Check out the new FPS game. Its so G man.

2) How fast is that?
22FPS man

3)That Bullet traveled 28FPS man

4)Jashish! YOU FPS! Hurry Up

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FPS - meaning


Abreviation for " First Person Shooter". This style of video game has brought millions and millions of people together online and makes them commit random acts of hatred against each other. Usually online play consists of Deathmatches and Capture the Flag gameplay. These can both be fun played in groups (see CLANS) , and are not that fun played alone (see DUMBASS). These games contain three types of gamers. First, the newb, who random shoots walls and foliage. Second, the moderate, who has enough skills to fight but is still as helpless as a parapaleigic in a swimming pool. Finaly, theres the master, who kills everyone at will and brags about his/her skills. These games can also be played single-player, but most of them are bought for the worldwide gaming experience. These games show you that you too can murder your friends and years down the road can laugh about it.

Any game with a veiw behind the weapon you are using, giving the sence that you are killing the person, wall, or tree you are shooting at.

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FPS - definition

1. first person shooter. a shooter game seen from the main characters eyes.
2.frames per second. refers to how much power of your graphics card is being used.the higher the Fps,obviously, the higher the graphics quality.

1. Halo is the best FPS out there and you know it.
2.My Counter Strike runs at 30 FPs.

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FPS - slang

FPS is an acronym for "fat pussy syndrome". When someone claims they have FPS they mean that they are a very attractive person with a high sex appeal.

Jake: Hey did you and Laura go on that date?
Mark: Of course man, she has some serious FPS!

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1) The short way of saying First Person Shooter, a type of game where you see everything through the character's eyes.

2) The short way of saying Frames Per Second, a way in measuring how fast animation frames go. The higher the FPS, the more smoothly a game will run. Lag decreases FPS.

1) Man I love playing FPS games!
2) Damn, this lag really kills my FPS!

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Faps per second.

The speed at which one masturbates.

*Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap...*
Tony: 40 fps?!?!
Shaun: IT'S BURNING!!!

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First-Person Shooter.

An FPS is a computer game genre that puts the player in a first-person perspective and usually involves shooting down opponents.

The first historical FPSes were Wolfenstein 3D, released some time around 1995, shortly followed by Doom that had multiplayer capabilities. Both by id software.

"Games such as Quake or Counter-Strike are FPSes."

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