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What is weapon?

The epitome of sexy

That girl Kate is an absolute fucking weapon

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Weapon - what is it?

A slang term for penis. This can be considered a weapon, since using it has consequences; sometimes minor, sometimes severe. It can damage or build your reputation, depending on what you are speaking of (ex: your sexual performance reputation.) In unusual or strange incidents, it can poke someone's eye out.

(On there way to the local strip club)
Soldier 1: Hey, Lieutenant!
Soldier 2: Yeah?
Soldier 1: Bring your weapon (smirks)
Soldier 2: I got it right here (grabs crotch.)

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What does "weapon" mean?

An object that can be used to cause bodily harm to another, basically anything you can get your hands on.

Weapons are everywhere but I don't care.

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Weapon - what does it mean?

(Highland Slang) Regards a vehicle of hight repute, but tends to be used in a sarcastic way towards badly modified vehicles

Have you seen Mike's new car, what a fucking weapon!! sarcastic

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weap•on Pronounced (wwweapon)

Slang term meaning strikingly good, effective, or skillful.
Replacement for the word wicked. A highly popular term of recent, commonly used in South West London.

Q: Boyce, you down the Dukes tonight?

A: Wwweapon!

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Someone who is absolutely beautiful. A rare piece of art. Used mainly in Dundee, Scotland. Can be called a 'weap' for short. Usually used as a compliment on selfies and friends older siblings.

You're such a weap!
See that Jamie? He's such a weapon!

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Someone who is such a liability when drunk they're a danger to the reputation of themselves and the people they're with.

"He was so hammered last night he got with four different fat girls in that club. I think he fingered one of them on the dance floor!"

"Shit. What a weapon."

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insult - meaning: thick, a fool, a tool,

"Dave shut it ya weapon"

"That Daves a fcukin weapon sometimes"

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A term used to describe someone who is a spanner or a tool. A person who is extremely stupid and possibly ugly.

Ant: Hey mate, do you like my new burberry cap?
Jim: Nah mate, it's well chup. You look like a complete weapon!

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Weapon- In a South Manchester Suburb the word weapon is currently the word of choice to describe a 'fool'.
But also the word is also being used to congratulate fellow buddies when somthing comendable is carried out.
Its completely down to the tone of voice used.

Drinker 1 : 'I asked for a carling in a fosters glass. Not a carling in a carling glass' Pause and look of shame given across the table.. 'You Weapon'

Drinker 2 : 'Sorry mate'

Drinker 1 : 'Weapon'

Take note the word weapon was used for a second time, this is a kick in the balls to whoever the word weapon is aimed at.

However on the flipside

Drinker 1 : 'Did you see Rooneys goal!!'

Drinker 2 : 'Hes a weapon'

Drinker 1 : 'Is that Patrice Evra, hes a weapon'

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