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What is Entrepreneur?

The opposite of a contractor.

Gareth and Simeon are contractors not entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneur - meme gif

Entrepreneur meme gif

Entrepreneur - video

Entrepreneur - what is it?

French for "unemployed."

P. Diddy: "You know, I be an entrepreneur and shit."

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What does "Entrepreneur" mean?

Somebody who has the balls to drop their current job, relationships, family, friends to pursue rich dreams. Somebody who wants to be recognized by their community, or even their country. Somebody who views the world differently. An entrepreneur is the person who knows the world is flawed, they know a 9-5 job isn't fulfilling, they know the educational system is shit. We are the risk takers. We are the ones who want to make it big in life. Our peers will go job hunting with a piece of paper called a "degree" while we're creating our own jobs. We're the boss. We're the one who hire people. We're the one who starts a business. We are entrepreneurs.

Yo, you remember that loser dropout we didn't like and always talked shit about? Apparently their making A LOT of money because they decided to start their own business. I might get my entrepreneur degree now!

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Entrepreneur - what does it mean?

Knows a little of something but lots of everything.
Loves starting things then delegating them to others.
Hates bosses, rules, authority and taxes.
Thinks Donald Trump should have a golden statue errected in his honour.
Probably doesnt really know how to spell entrepreneur.

Richard Branson, Dick Smith, Kerry Packer, Crazy John, Big Kev

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Entrepreneur - meaning

An Entrepreneur is person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

β€œSeren owns a business, therefore she is an entrepreneur.”
β€œSeren earns a profit from her business.”

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Entrepreneur - definition

An entrepreneur is someone who's restless until his or her vision, plans and ideas are monetized.

Many entrepreneurs love taking risks in order to succeed.

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Entrepreneur - slang

A person who inherited enough money from their parents so as to be financially independent.

I can tell he's a genuine entrepreneur because he uses a hotmail address.

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Lazy ass bitch - A very annoying person who likes to control anyone and everyone. Someone who also likes to tell everyone they are an entrepreneur every second of the day.

You can do everything and I’ll just sit and relax because I’m an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneur; a person or duo of dick bags who beg and swindle money from unsuspecting victims by way of social media, to open, then close restaurants and self storage facilities, primarily in the greater Portland area, but not excluding the western mountains of Maine. A solid regimen of belittling underlings and customers alike encourages a feeling of length and girth in the loins of so-called β€œentrepreneurs”.

Se also; grifter, swindler, confidence man, chiselers, welcher.

β€œOh no Mike, I think we’ve run out of money and we don’t work! What are we going to do?”
β€œDon’t worry Jason, we’re entrepreneurs. We’ll just post on Facebook and swindle some more cash. It’s that easy”

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What drug dealers put in their instagram bio.

Why tf he got entrepreneur in his bio everyone seen him selling coke

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