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What is French?

Much more refined, much more sophisticated, and much more cultured compared to some Americans.

French people know how cook "real" food, unlike some Americans out there.

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French - what is it?

A word that used to be affiliated with 'fries' until Bush-head decided that France was evil.

Freedom Fries? HA! I'll have some French Fries with a croissant and an amusing hat shaped like the Eiffel Tower, please!
Oh golly!

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What does "French" mean?

This is not a definition. A lot of the them already here are spot on. This is just to clear things up. No one outside America stereotypes the French as being cowards. Few people consider them to be rude. Those are just stereotypes invented by the most stereotyped people around(Americans) to make themselves feel better.

Americans love to say the British have bad teeth. They love to say the French are cowards. These are ideas unheard of outside the USA. However, most people DO consider Americans to be stupid. France Champ d'Elysee Frog
Frenchies Sarkozy

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French - what does it mean?

1. The language of sex.

2. The language that makes babies.

"Everything in french is sexy...
Dude no shit, french is the language of sex."

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French - meaning


One of the best ethnicities to be. Great food, great lifestyles, great everything. These guys, always kick-ass Latin people, who don't eat Snails all the time.

I'm French because my grandfather is from France.

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French - definition

Born in France, belonging or relating to France, France's national language. French is a worlwide synonym for classy, elegant, charmant and (together to Italian) fashion and cuisine. French culture has dominated Europe for almost three centuries where nobles - from England to Russia - have spoken French to show their cultural and social high condition. French language is (as Italian, Spanish and others) a neo-latin language. It is also typical diplomacy language, spoken in Switzerland and Belgium (where French is official language) and in Canada too. It's the best known foreign language in Italy, Spain, West Germany (countries near to France and connected with French Culture) and even in Algery, Tunisy, Maroc, many African countries, Madagascar, Liban, Syria, Vietnam, Laos, Haiti (former French colonies) - at least till 1985 - and in French departments (Guyana, Polinese, New Caldonia, Guadaloupe, many Caribbean countries etc.). Even in Eastern Europe during Cold War, French - after Russian - was preferred as international language. French is still the 5th or 6th more spoken language in the world and a reference point (different from anglo-american one but not opposing to) for all free and educated people.

I love Paris, french capital.
French is so a fashinating language.
She is so classy, she speaks perfectly French.
French and Italian people consider themselves like cousins.

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French - slang

The love language

When you speak French you are speaking "lovely" or the love language.

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A people who have the guts to disagree with Bush. Unlike most other Western European countries, they have never been at war with the USA, and have been actively allied with us in the Revolutionary War and World War I.

The battlefield of Europe: The French generally dislike war due to the fact that almost half of the battles of modern Europe were fought of French soil, and the French civilians have perished by it, on their land, for over two millenia.

The second country (America was the first) to have a major revolution which favored Democracy (it didn't work out all that well). They even gave us an enormous statue for that fact.

So why are we supposed to hate The French?

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The love language

When you speak French you are speaking "lovely" or the love language.

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a language that, if spoken, will get you more pussy than you can imagine

Man: Tu me veux?
Woman: French! Oh, come here you stud.

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