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What is Clapton?

an absolutely amazing british blues guitarist born in ripley surrey england, and from a youn gage had picked up a guitar and went from that, listening to blues for hours upon end clapton learned from his idols such as muddy waters and robert johnson clapton started his first band at a young age, this band was the yardbirds, they had a pop following with the song for your love but clapton didnt feel right and soon left the yardbirds, he later joined john mayall and the blues breakers and enhanced his blues sound, from there he went to cream, by this point clapton had a large following of fans and his name was scrawled onto the wall of a london building saying clapton is god...from that point clapton left cream after a few years and went to blind faith a band that didnt last as long as cream or have as many records which broke up in 1970 , clapton then sponsored and played guitar for an england tour for delaney and bonnie, after that clapton tried a more low key band with derek and the dominoes derek being eric, this rouse didnt fool many people, claptons signature sound had been recognized, but while with the dominoes eric wrote his arguably most famous love song "layla" which critics originally hated due to its meaning (claptons love for george harrisons wife), after the dominoes ended clapton started his long solo career and played with many other artists off and on, and he continued to produce his hits through his solo career with songs like "let it grow" "wonderful tonight" which debued on the slowhand album "tears in heaven" which was made in honor of his son who had died falling off a balcony, and "cocaine" clapton suprised many in 91 when he played many acoustic versions of famous songs for the hit show "unplugged" among these songs were acoustic versions of "before you accuse me" "layla" and claptons instrumental "signe", through all these years clapton remains a steeple of blues music, and will always be remembered as one of the greatest guitarists of all time

eric clapton was ironically given the nickname slowhand for his blues artistry on the guitar

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Clapton - what is it?

Eric Clapton was born in Surrey, England, 30 March 1945. One of the finest blues guitarists of his generation. Played awesome guitar with The Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (possibly some of his greatest work), and Cream. Other bands included the short-lived Blind Faith and Derek and The Dominos, before going solo with great success. Clapton's nicknames are "Slowhand", and even "God". Is a great player, but "greatest on the planet"? I dunno, he may not even be the greatest in Surrey (Jeff Beck grew up not too far from Clapton). Anyway, its debatable, but who wants to talk about music when you can be enjoying it instead?

1. Eric Clapton is a great guitar player, but what on earth does Roger Waters (also a great artist in his own right) have to do with anything?

2. Buddy Guy doesnt believe that you HAVE to be black to play the blues, neither did BB, Freddie and Albert, or Muddy Waters, so who the hell am I to argue with them?

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What does "Clapton" mean?

The greatest British blues guitarist to ever walk this earth
see also EC

Clapton is GOD!!!

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Clapton - what does it mean?

An insult to be used against a young Jamie Elliott who doesn't stop going on about how his dad is best buddies with Eric Clapton

*at Jamie* Eric Clapton, is that you!

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Clapton - meaning

The Religion of those who recognize Eric Clapton as a God

I just converted to Claptonism .

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Clapton - definition

v. the action of having an excessively high opinion of one's self or ability that no one else could help to improve it. the term usually applies to guitar players with extremely large egos.

see also: bono it, warhol it, kanye west it, mel gibson it, oprah it

"Hey guys, don't even bother trying to help me out on this song. I think it would just sound better if I just play guitar on the whole album."

"Might as well just clapton it."

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Clapton - slang

Eric Clapton.
Worshipped by many as a guitar god

....Clapton is god.....

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Bowing and praising the one and only God Clapton. All Claptonists(people who bow to Clapton) must know most of the songs that mede Clapton famous such as Cocaine, Layla, Crossroads and so on. Claptonist must also praise the perfect god-like guitar known simply as the Fender Stratocaster and anything that is Fender. In the end Clapton will show us the right path when we have to choose in the "crossroad".

"Mom I am gonna go practice Claptonism with my friends because we heard clapton pay and we wanna be his slaves"

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After the legendary musician Eric Clapton. A stud that makes magic with his hands and mouth when with a woman. A true Clapton can make a snobby, stuck-up woman turn into warm butter in mere seconds.

I'm playing hardball tonight, competing against that Clapton over for that woman up at the bar.

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to be an ultimate badass at something. to be amazingly good at what you do.

Oh yeah, he's like the Clapton of TV repair.

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