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What is A WHILE?

Often paired with See you later, masturbator

Person 1: In a while, pedophile"
Person 34: See you later, masturbator
Person 1: fag

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A WHILE - what is it?

The shorter and cuter way of saying "a little while".

John: Hey babe, can you get out the shower so I can take a piss?

Kate: Damn it John, give me a mini while!

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What does "A WHILE" mean?

A period (heheh period) of time you give somebody to do something. This should be a maximum of one night and possibly half of the next day if it's really important. This is a promise that something will be done soon, but not right away. Violation of the one night max half way through the next day will incur a fee of $2 by the rule breaker.

e.g your girlfriend says that it will take her a while to forget a comment you made (not that you were wrong for making it), she has given you a verbal agreement that by tomorrow night all will be forgotten. If she claims this is not a rule than refer her to this definition... then get her to give you $2
sometime soon asap

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A WHILE - what does it mean?

the time it takes to anal probe a wet pig

that walk took a while

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A WHILE - meaning

when you know you aren't going to speak to someone for a long time, whether it's a circumstance which you can't help or you just don't want to talk to this particular person again

I'm going Paris for two weeks, in a while yeh?

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A WHILE - definition

A period of time.
Word broken down:
Wh = Connor is gay
Ile = 30 seconds

Arthur: I woke up a while ago.
Connor : i'm gay

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A WHILE - slang

When you're so angry or frustrated you've finally lost control and you're letting it all out.

You fuck with me one more time, I'm whiling on your ass.

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When someone is tripping... having a wild time... doing something crazy.

I went to see Mikey, He was whiling out talking about stealing stuff and sitting for his computer for 5 days straight.

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A period of time ranging between 31 seconds to 14 years.

I haven't done X in a while

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when someone is going crazy or just a little hyper.

Yo, stop whiling.
John, your whiling out.

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