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What is pig?

a government-funded butt-picking fucktard addicted to donuts. Just about every cop you've ever met was the little chickenshit pussy with the smart mouth who got its ass (yeah, that's right; "ITS ass", not "his ass" or "her ass") kicked on a daily basis back in school. Don't be surprised if you recognized the pig who's giving you a rash of senseless shit for no good reason as Myron, the trailer park-dwelling, booger-eating mutant from high school who got fired from McDonalds for fucking the hamburger buns.

Hey, you fuckin' PIG! Fucked any hamburger buns or donuts lately? Your mother should have taken a coat hanger to your worthless child-molesting ass when she had the chance!

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Pig - what is it?

a Russian

This is a widely used term in Eastern Europe to describe someone from Russia due to the fact that Russians as people have very little regard for anybody else but themselves. To-date, they have bullied and destroyed many nations and millions of people, have had disrespect for others' traditions, history, and have always thought of themselves better than anybody else (which is bizarre given that half of the country lacks toilets). They will live in an occupied country for decades and not even try to learn the hosts' language. After they drink their behavior becomes even more pig-like.

I am sorry if this is disrespectful to pigs.. but it's the term commonly used for Russians.

-John, I just saw three pigs around the corner drinking vodka and shooting heroin.
-Bring the camera, they should be stabbing each other any minute now and I do not want to miss the show!

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Video meme

What does "pig" mean?

A pig is an animal with dirt on his face; his shoes are a terrible disgrace. He's got no manners when he eats his food; he's fat, and lazy and extremely rude.

Still, if you don't care a feather or a fig, you may grow up to be a pig.

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Pig - what does it mean?

Perfect Instagram Girl, someone with at least 2k+ followers whose life is pretty much perfect according to their Instagram.

"Have you seen her Instagram? She's definitely a PIG"

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Pig - meaning

1)A selfish sleazy male, albeit one who has trouble hiding who he really is. A wolf sans the sheeps clothing, if you will, invading the henhouse.

2)A primitive form of iron.

3)A derogatory term for a cop or police officer. My grandfather called them the "fuzz."

4)A sloppy, disgusting person who actually has control over their demeanor.

5)A compulsive overeater; a glutton. Similar to number one only with food instead of poontang.

6)Mimi Bobek's nickname for Drew Carey's character.

7)A person thought to be unattractive by society who becomes the victim of a cruel joke at a surprise party of the same name.

8)Swine. Hog, boar (male), sow (female). A form of livestock that eats slop or kitchen scaps has a corkscew tail, a mostly hairless body, pointed ears, a longish flat nose, and snorts. On Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome their "shit" supplied the electricity for Bartertown.

1)Young anonymous female: All men are pigs, I'm sick and tired of dealing with them! It will be much more rewarding if I go lesbian.

4)yechhhh! Wipe your face off and use a fork! You're such a fucking pig! YUCK!

5)don't invite Doug to the party, he will lay waste to the free food table. I mean, what a PIG!

7)the popular kids invited Linda and several other girls to what turned out to be a pig party. They were more or less traumatized.

8)Mountain Man: I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee!
Bobby: Weee!
Mountain Man: Weeeeeeee!
Bobby: Weee!
Mountain Man: Looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar.

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Pig - definition

5-0; po-po; derogatory term for a police officer

e.x. Shit the goddamn pigs is here; RUN!!!1

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Pig - slang

A gay man that often indulges in excessive amounts of sleazy, twisted, raunchy sex.

Woof!!! That bottom on the St. Andrews cross is taking the beating like a real pig!

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a police officer(originally underworld, derogatory)

Mobster: Boss, the pigs are outside, lets get out of here.

Mobster leader: Hide the money now!

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Gay slang for someone who gets off sexually by doing raunchy things like licking sweaty armpits or sniffing dirty underwear and socks.

"He wanted to give me a rim job after I ran the marathon. I said no and just took a shower. He always was a pig."

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a officer of the law


Want another donut PIG.

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