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What is going crazy?

When you can't take off you jacket cuz you have cuts on your wrist.

Julius: "Its hot in here..."
Maliky: "Then take off your jacket."
Julius: "I can't"
Maliky: "Why?"
Julius" "...Cuz i have cuts >.>"
Maliky: "ohhhh...your WATCH is BROKEN...."
Julius: "Yeahhh....Time will go crazy!!!"

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Going crazy - what is it?

When you are in a situation with a very attractive person and you dont know what to say....

Friend: hey bro you see her, damn whatchu gon do
Me: Tbh..... Im tryna go crazy

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What does "going crazy" mean?

While gettin' busy, the combination of 8 pelvic thrusts and flailing your arms in a rapid circular motion while yelling "I'm a loopy nutjob.

I pulled off one of the most insane the go crazy hamsters on Shina last night

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Going crazy - what does it mean?

We're gonna go crazy- A phrase used while having an amazing time. Which when used, usually ends with something being broken, someone getting hurt, or someone doing something completely stupid and regretting what they did.

We were having a great time having drinks by the pool when someone yelled out WE'RE GONNA GO CRAZY which in turn led to that person breaking their glass of Cran-Vodka.

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Going crazy

To absolutely loose control of all bodily function. Once an individual has gone crazy gone stupid they are known to throw their head in every which direction and defecate in a 20 foot radius.

Mate 1: how are you doing man?
Mate 2: *proceeds to spray shit in every which direction whilst spinning on his boner like a fidget spinner.*

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Going crazy

Said when you are ready to go crazy and go stupid.

Guy1: I am feeling this party.
Guy2: Yeah, I might go Crazy, go Stupid.
Guy1: Guacamole, nigga penis

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Going crazy

Expressing an extreme genuine like for something

Me: did you hear that new song on the radio?
You: yeah that go crazy

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Going crazy

When you trynna get some booty but don’t feel like saying you want to get have sex

Girlfriend: So baby what you want to do?


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Going crazy

the act of doing something at the highest level possible

"Damn, did you see X cross that nigga over yesterday? "Hell yeah he went crazy"

"I fucked the baddest bitch in the world last night, I go crazy"

"Damn g, these chips were only .99 cents out west, these bitches go crazy!!!"

"That's that nigga Ben, I heard he be getting all the hoes..."yeah, that's my homie , he goes crazy"

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Going crazy

out of control, going nuts

OMG! I'm going crazy!

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