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What is watching a movie?

,v.1)code term for smoking THC containing flora. 2) code term for making out and/or scoring

Me and Kristen watched movies and then watched more movies.

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Watching a movie - what is it?

The way guys convince girls to come over to get fucked. It makes it sound as if the guy wants to hang out instead of have sex. If you do watch a movie, you usually end up not finishing the whole thing.

Kris-Do you want to watch a movie? My place is good.
Sarah-Sure! What movie?
Kris- It doesn't matter, it's not like we'll finish it anyway.
Sarah-Wait, why?
Kris-You'll see.

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What does "watching a movie" mean?

Most effective way to initiate sexual behavior without actually saying "do you want to engage in sexual behavior" Works well with drunk girls, Everybody knows that no one ever wants to just "come over to watch a movie"

(sexual tention is at an all time high)
Erika: Sew, what dew yew wanht tew dew?
Matt: do you want to watch a movie?
Erika: wat movie?!?!!!1
Matt: Just get on the couch.

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Watching a movie - what does it mean?

He/She. Waants. SEX

My baby is coming over to watch a movie ;)

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Watching a movie

The act of watching a film. Wether in a theatre or at home.

Gene and Amber are going to watch a movie.

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Watching a movie

to make out in a movie theater often resulting in fellow audience members feeling very awkward. you are truly watching a movie when you keep your eyes open while making out. hands are free to wander.

dude: Let's watch a movie!
chick: there's people right next to us!
dude: ya ...
chick: okay!

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Watching a movie

Code word used to describe engaging in any of various, usually sexual activities. This includes all forms of sex, drinking, and drug use.

Mom, i'm going over this girl's house to watch a movie

*day after the party* So, what did you and your friends do last night, John? Oh, we decided to watch a movie

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Watching a movie

A cover for engaging in shenanigans of the perverse order.

They will watch a movie in more ways than one

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Watching a movie

A cover to have sex with someone but keeping it incognito.

Amber and Gene are going to "watch a movie"

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Watching a movie

An term used when a boy and a girl of young age are hooking up in a basement or other room while the parents were home. This is the often answer to the question often asked by parents "what were you two doing last night?"

(Guy 1) So what have you and Katie been up to? i havent seen you in days!
(Guy 2) Oh, nothing much, just been "watching a movie" alot lately.

(Guy 1) So shes a freak in bed?
(Guy 2) O Fuck ya!!

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