Definder - what does the word mean?

What is sex?

What you won't be getting tonight.

"I wish I was getting sex tonight instead of looking it up on Urban dictionary..."

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Sex - what is it?

The best thing ever!

I was having the worst day at work and I was just happy to be going home. I opened my front door and my saw my boyfriend Tom sitting on the sofa. "Hey Claire" He says. "You look upset....Whats Wrong" I sigh and say "Bad day at work." He grins and says I can fix that" He pulls of his shirt and pulls me down on the sofa. We start to make-out and I get so excited I shove my hand down the front of his pants. He gasps and pulls of my shirt and bra. He stops kissing me and sucks my tits. By now I'm so horny I pull of his pants and we start to make-out some more. I love the feel of his tongue in my mouth. He pulls off my pants and stares in surprise. I never wear panties but he didn't know that till now. He pulls off his boxers and I give him the best blow job ever. I make sure to swallow all his cum. He shivers with pleasure. I climb up on top of him and sit on his hips. He guides his penis inside of me and I start to bounce up and down. Having him inside of me feels amazing. I continue to bounce up and down as he reaches up and rubs my boobs. Suddenly I feel him flutter my g-spot. I don't want him to stop, so i say "Tom, baby, don't stop!" So he doesn't. He flips me over and lays on me, and starts pumping. Then he hits my g-spot and I scream from the major orgasm. He continues to pump harder and faster. It was the best sex ever!

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What does "sex" mean?

When a man inserts his erect penis into a woman's vagina.

I was in my room working on a drawing when my boyfriend walks in. He looks at me with his sexy green eyes. I know what he wants. I get up out of my chair and walk over to him. I start kissing him passionately and running my fingers through his soft brown hair. He starts to french and the next thing I know he's taking off my shirt. I help him take off my bra and when it's off he starts fondling and sucking on my tits. While he's doing that I work on undoing his belt. I unzip his pants to reveal his 10 inch, rock hard cock. I grab it in my hands and rub it fat and hard. I then begin to give him a blowjob,my hands still playing with his balls. After he cums, I proceed to removing my shorts and undergarments. I'm now completely naked, ready for his huge cock in me.

"I want it now." I say, still staring at his cock. "Ok, here I come."

He slowly slides his cock into my pussy, I feel it going through me, penetrating me. It feels so amazing. He starts to pump faster and faster, going deeper each time. "OH PLEASE, FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER, AS HARD AS YOU CAN!! PLEASE!!!" I scream with delight. I start to feel a very warm sensation bubbling up inside me. "FASTER!! FASTER!! I'M CUMMING!!" I scream as he does one fina

Thrust, putting all 10 inches of his cock inside me. I scream and I cum at last. The feeling was the best in the world. We kit fucking until the next morning when I fell asleep in his arms.

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Sex - what does it mean?

i was in school on a project. my partner was the hottest girl ever Brittany. I always had a thing for her but she was too hot but something changed. in the halls, she bumped into me, i felt her hand squeeze my dick.she was leaning over a desk and she told me to look at what she wrote. i couldn't go on either side of her because there were tables."I can't really see" i said"just come closer." i went an inch closer but made sure not to touch her. she wouldnt stand up straight.her ass was close to my dick. "I can't get much closer." i told her "you can"i went further until i grazed her ass."she took my hands and placed them on the desk. "closer" she said.i walked a few steps until i was against her. "more" she said. my dick was on her ass. (it continues into the example)

i pushed some more. "there we go.".our legs touched." she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. i pushed even more on my ass. i was so hard. her tights showed her ass in a sexy way. go to the bathroom" she whispered she left the room. i asked. i stepped into the boys bathroom and locked the door. i looked in the stalls and on the last one Brittany was there in a black bra and thong. i walked up to her and kissed her. her legs were next to me. i took off her clothes. her breasts were against me. i moved my hands to her ass and i squeezed. she squeezed mine. she undid her bra and i didn't move. she laughed, took my hands and putthem on her. she got down on her knees and took a chunk in. i tried to control my moans but it was to good. i cummed. it went in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. i was hard again and kissed her. i grabbed her ass and hauled her up. her legs were around me. my dick went in her vagina. she screamed.I moved in and out"oh yes Nate. " i went as fast as i could and she screamed. we both hit our orgasms at the same time. she screamed.i cummed so much. we Frenched after. this sex between us continued for a long time. i have to go, tomorrow is our son's wedding.

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What kind of moron are you that you look up sex in the urban dictionary?

Looking up sex??? Seriously, get off now before I turn off the internet.

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Face it, the only reason that you're looking up sex right now is so that you can get horny from people's definitions.

Bro, I just looked up sex on urban dictionary. It was so much better than porn.

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The lone reason why the world exists, figuratively, and literaly!!!

Why Is Sex Like Riding A Bike?

1. You have to keep pumping if you want to get anywhere.

2. It's best to wear protective head-gear when going into unfamiliar territory.

3. You can do it with no hands, but it's best not to try it until you have a lot of experience.

4. It's easier to learn with the help of someone who has a lot of experience.

5. You can do it by yourself, but it's usually not as much fun.

6. It's usually hard to control your speed the first few times you try.

7. It's best to have a soft place to land.

8. You don't need any special clothing, but you can get some if you are really into it.

9. If you're with someone who is having trouble keeping up, it's usually best to slow down and wait for them.

10. Most people think it looks easy until they try it for the first time.

11. Once you learn, you never forget how.

12. If you fall off get right back on.

13. If you get a flat, try pumping it back up.

14. Remember to signal before you change direction.

15. Make sure that you've got a firm grip.

16. Once you're over the top, you can just coast the rest of the way.

17. That's why some of them are called Mountin' Bikes.

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sex is fun. everyone should try it.

Katie ran through the woods and finally found James sitting on his favorite log in a small clearing.

"Why are you all the way out here, James?" she asked.

"I guess I just needed some time to think," he replied.

She sat down next to him on the log and they looked at each other. "Did you know I was going to follow you out here?" she asked.

"No, but I really hoped you would," he replied.

"And why would you hope for that?" she questioned.

"So I could do this," he said as he leaned in and kissed her once softly. He pulled away and smiled.

She was surprised at this, but she enjoyed it enough to consider kissing him again. She smiled back, and then leaned close to him again. Just before thier lips touched, she grabbed his hand and they stood up together.

They just stood there, looking into each other's eyes. Suddenly, they started making out and each was exploring the other's mouth with their tounge.

Katie lifted off James' shirt, and caressed his smooth muscles. James tore off Katie's blouse and pinned her up against a tree. He kissed her more and more passionately as they continued to strip each other down. Soon enough, they were both naked and Katie was on her back on the forest floor and James was above her ready to enter her. An innocent little kiss had caused some sexual intentions to arise between them.

James' 9-inch rock hard cock penetrated Katie's soaking wet pussy with perfection. He slid in and out of her with ease, and it felt amazing for both of them. He started moving faster and harder, listening to her moan.

Katie felt like she would soon be skyrocketing into extasy because James was so good at this. He suddenly heard her scream loudly as she exploded into orgasm. He kept pounding her, and her pulsing vagina engulfed his dick and he came into her, groaning in joy.

He wasn't done just yet, though. He pulled out of her and grabbed her legs. He moved them out of the way and started to eat her out. His tounge circled around her clit multiple times. Katie felt the greatest pleasure she'd ever known, and voiced this satisfaction. Her moans made James even more turned on, and he licked her more and more until she came again, her legs buckling around him.

He didn't even let her catch her breath before he entered her again. She was writhing underneath him as her pleasure took control of her entire body. She could no longer contain her joy and he just kept on penetrating her. She begged for more and he complied, going fast and hard and deep.

It wasn't long before they both came again. They were completely exhausted and he exited her.

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According to Mean Girls, it is a very dangerous thing to do.

Coach Carr: Don't have sex... 'cause you will get pregnant- and die.

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Sex is like math:

You add the bed,
Subtract the clothes,
Divide the legs,
And pray you don't multiply.

Guy 1 to guy 2: Sarah and I were remembering high school math in bed last night when we had sex. We went at it like wild monkeys!

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