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What is ventilator?

When a gentleman has the urge to have someone take a steaming dump on his chest but finds himself alone. He coils one on the shower curtain, lies down in the bath while holding the curtain at an angle (angle should be adjusted according to consistency and clingability) allowing the brown trout to slowly slide onto his chest

Olly: Jason, why the fuck is there a brown streak on the shower curtain?

Jason: It was the dog

Olly: The dog doesnt eat cashew nuts

Jason: Sorry, I had a solo rusty ventilator

Olly: Why didn't you just call me I've been touching cloth all day

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ventilator meme gif

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Ventilator - what is it?

cross ventilation

In the building

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What does "ventilator" mean?

an arrangement of ducts, tubes, fans, heaters and controls used to introduce fresh air into or expel foul or stagnant air out of an automobile

The new Toyota Echo 4-Door Sedan features a heater & boost ventilator.

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Ventilator - what does it mean?

Really technical shit describing a draft or ventilation on or in the 4th dimension. Science people classify it along with infinity.

After baking brownies the room sure needed cross-ventilation while my pants needed washing.

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Ventilator - meaning

A staple in many chemistry labs, the chicken ventilator can also be called a hood. You do chemistry in there, and on rare occasions, you may also see a mustached man smoking a cigarette or ventilating chickens.

I was goin dahn the chem lab to ventilate some chickens when I found grundle tickler Frank smoking a cigarette in the chicken ventilator.

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Ventilator - definition

Relief from an over-heated nightclub dance floor.

Girl, I'm dyin' in here. I've gotta step outside and get some ventilation.

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Ventilator - slang

Bullet riddled body, body with holes in it.

"Yo jackass you wanna get ventillated"

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to shoot someone (from the notion of letting air into someone)

For a second I thought he was going to ventilate.

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Transitive verb: To shoot someone, with the implication that the holes made in the body would allow wind to pass through. May also be applicable to stabbing. Attributed to Kirk Douglas's character Cactus Jack in the 1979 film, "The Villain."

It is likely that no one has ever used this term seriously. It is usually heard as a humorous mock-threat between friends.

Cactus Jack: Take another step and I'll ventilate you!

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Shotgunning smoke into someone's nostrils.

Blowing smoke into someone's nose.

I gave her the ventilator and smoke came out her mouth.

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