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What is letting?

A phrase declared by one who’s brain has just undergone the effects of snorting cocaine without actually inhaling any

Friend: dude, i just found out that hot chick is not my cousin
You: Lets goooo

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Letting - what is it?

Word used in annoyance as a kind of sarcasm.

If you miss a bus: Let me miss that bus.
If hit by a bus: Let me get hit by a bus.

When directed at others:
If someone is annoying: Let you be any more annoying.

No one actaully wants the let to happen, but the common reponse is "Done...".

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What does "letting" mean?

the past tense of let

i letted the dog out already

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Letting - what does it mean?

A combination of Legit and Lit. In other words legitly lit! Or Better more successful version of LIT.

Holy Shit that was Let! Or
I can’t even begain to describe how fucking excited I am, it’s going to be SOOO LET!!!!!!’

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An acronym for Local Exchange Trading Systems or Local Economy Trading Scheme - LETS are local community-based mutual aid networks in which people exchange all kinds of goods and services with one another, without the need for money.

LETS Link-UK, is the online site providing information, support and training to individuals or groups wishing to create their own LETS group in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

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the past tense of let

i letted the dog out already

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a shortening of the saying "let it be" and also derived from the Norwegian pronunciation of "easy," it means "ease up," "chill" or "take it easy."

"Did that guy just cut me off? I'm going to kill him!"
"Let, sweetie, let. He's just trying to get to the airport on time."

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Contraction of let us. The apostrophe has replaced the u.

Let's go

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A shortened version of Lettuce

Let's go to the store and get some let let.

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Renting out your body for sexual services. To Let

"I'd love to but I'm OOO at the moment. Letting my Aussie friends mum for reasons I don't quite understand." "Thomas is a top notch 'Letting Agent' if you know what I mean"

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