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What is the handle?

word in streetball meaning dribbling well you can dribble the basketball and perform tricks determines youre handles.

"that player just shoke'em wit his crazy handles!"

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The handle - what is it?

1. A 1.75 liter (half-gallon) bottle of liquor or other alcohol. Often has a handle or grip on the side for easy access.

2. One's online alias or nickname.

Note that people who use definition 1 do not use definition 2, and vice versa.

"SnYpeR2233? What kind of handle is that? Some kind of new Polish vodka?"

"Bacardi O? These n00bs are getting more and more uncreative with their handles."

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What does "the handle" mean?

Any physical sexual interaction between two individuals that is beyond the intention of friendship.

Last night Natasha was handling the Nako from UCLA all night long.

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The handle - what does it mean?

A half gallon of liquor. It gets its name from the little handle that's always on half gallons.

Grab the handle and let's get crunk!

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The handle

(To be) Handled. To get owned or extremley burned. Harcore version of an own.

Guy-"Dude man Kyle just got Handled in that fight with Dylan"
Guy 2 - "Dude I know right"?

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The handle

Fly into a rage; lose control.

When a clumsy mother drops the roach I go off the handle on his ass.

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The handle

Being jerked off in a bar facing each other making eye contact near a fooseball table. Must start hard. Vicious jerk, all stem. No ball play. Being blue balled.

Meet me by the fooseball table for a very unsatisfying over the handle!

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The handle

To become angry or enraged.

"I'm Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle!"

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The handle

shaking toilet handle to re-seat float valve, avoidance of dealing with permanent fix for same. GREAT rock band name!!

i better go jiggle the god damn handle!

tonight me and duane are going to see jiggle the handle

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The handle

When you stick your dick in between your ass cheeks, but leave a space in between the shaft and your gooch so it looks like a handle.

Person 1 - “Yesterday at the party John stuck his dick in his ass!”

Person 2 - “He broke out the handle!?”

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