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What is standardized tests?

word used by the sub-culture for anything they feel like, basically a new, stroppier version of 'cool'...only used by total plebs that lack the ability to speak their own language due to peer pressure.

anti-cultural metaphor that when uttered, perfectly exemplifies the devolution of its exponents, who in contrast see themselves as the avant garde.

pleb 1:check it.

pleb 2:standard, bruv

pleb 1:naaahhhhbruv, on dat next ting

pleb 3:euiiiiiiihhhhh!!!



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Standardized tests - what is it?

a word to describe something which goes without saying

that bitch is standard

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What does "standardized tests" mean?

1) An illusion(s) or a figment of the imagination created in order to prevent you from getting laid.

2) A shallow state of mind that could result in not getting laid and or a cock block of ones bro(s). This is state of mind that should be ignored and disregarded at all cost.

Dan: "I don't know if I can fuck her she's pretty ugly"
Steve: "Oh Dan you're not gonna score with standards, so what if she's bigger than a bus."

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Standardized tests - what does it mean?

a word that is used in many parts of the UK specifically manchester, it is used usually as a response to something good, or used like the word 'fit' to describe an attractive person, also it can be used to describe something good like a football match score or computer game

john: 'hey look at her'
james' standard !!!'


jason ' omfg we won the game'
aja ' standard mate'

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Standardized tests

assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.

rob: did you bring a girl back to your room last night?

me: yeah, dawg.

rob: did you get her in bed?

me: standard

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Standardized tests

A term used to describe something that is so ordinary and expected to be like that, no one should expect otherwise.

Taz: I may be about 3 hours late to our 1 hour date.... So I may not actually make it at all.

Me: standard

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Standardized tests

a word to describe something which goes without saying.

"whas gwanin, u cotchin at leons tonight?"

"course, u bringin some herb?"


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Standardized tests

A gay typing test that is a annoying wrong judgement of your typing skills.

Blayney this standard speed test is crap!

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Standardized tests

Like stage fright, only with standardized tests. One who suffers from Standardized Test Fright fears going into the testing room, having other students stare at them, and Musk Oxen.

To prep for his SAT & ACT tests, Allan perfected first his mind, then his body, utilizing every trick he could find to rid himself of his Standardized Test Fright and assume his rightful place, as the Chosen One.

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Standardized tests

The great enslaver. They bind the souls of man into a vast and uniform grid devoid of reality, of existence, of meaning. The tests are the infernal spawn of the infernal spawn of evil- they take education and crush it down into bubbles, which they further crush into your poor mind. So called "educators," make the children take the ACTs, SATs, etc. only to harness what was good in their life and crush it away. The tests have no purpose but to destroy, to conquer, to cause anguish to the wretched and miserable test-takers. They reify all that is bad, wrong, evil, disgusting, putrescent, and filthy. There is no moral harm greater than being forced to take a standardized test.

Jim had to take standardized tests. Rather than complete it he stabbed his pencil through his throat and watched the blood gush out on to the neat answer sheet, filling in the ovals with the red pain they cause for humanity. Jim died.

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