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What is shot-gun?

when a man wants took hook up or have sex with a woman just to get some.

Girl: how'd the hook up go last night?
Girl 2: hes such a shiznappled shot gun.
Girl: Why?!
Girl 2: he kept saying 'i wanna get this base done!!'

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Shot-gun - what is it?

When you bang a can (usually of beer) against your head until the metal splits, causing the drink to spray a stream out.

"You wanna go shot gunning and try to impress those girls?"

"No, my head already hurts enough."

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What does "shot-gun" mean?

1) An extremely versatile weapon, preferred by red-necks because of its wide range of inexpensive ammunition (bird shot, deer shot, deer slug, incendiary tasers ect... ) among other things.

2) The front right seat of a car, popular because its in the front of the car generaly a bucket seat with a window.

1) jon shot the dragon fly with a shot gun.

2) bob called shot gun

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Shot-gun - what does it mean?

when you put the cherry side of the blunt or joint and you fold your hands into a cylinder with another person and put your mouths on it and blow threw the blunt or joint to get the other person higher and they blow it back threw the hands so the person with the cherry side of the blunt or joint can get high and doing that back and forth until someone pussys out

zane: hey you wanna shot gun bro

avery: yea sure

avery: *cough cough cough*

zane: ahh you take it like a bitch

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the Canadian way to drink a beer. Always more than not its the cheapest or shittest beer that month, say Pilsner or Papst. Usually the first couple of the night are consummed this way.

Step one grab a set of keys, usually the keys for the car you drove to the parkinglot party.

step two stab a hole in the bottom half of the can.

Step three twist around the keys till u have a good size hole (bigger is not better)

step four put hole to mouth, tilt head back open the can.

Step five open your throat till the beers done

step six through the can down like u mean it

Ashely says "alexis did i just here you open a can in the shower"
Alexis says " Yea man i was Shot Gunning"

" I had a dream last night i was really good at Shot Gunning, it was soo real "

Wow watching fubar makes me soo proud to be Canadian, those guys are amazing at Shot Gunning beer

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1. A small hole made in a pipe or bong which helps the smoker recieve a larger hit, in turn making them higher. As you take a hit on the pipe or bong, you keep your finger over the hole, but as you come to the end of your hit, you release your finger. This allows air to enter the chamber quickly through this hole, and allows a lot of smoke to exit quickly into your lungs.

2. When a person still has a hit in their lungs, and they blow it into someone elses mouth.

3. When someone turns a lit joint or blunt around 180 degrees so that the burning end is pointing towards their mouth. Then they carefully place that end into their mouth and have another person get close enough to take a hit from it. Now the person with the lit end in their mouth blows through the joint or blunt, into the other persons mouth, resulting in a very large hit.

1. "Hey, don't forget that there's a shot gun on that pipe, it gives you a huge hit."

2. "Because we only have a dime bag, everybody has to do shot guns to get the most out of it."

3. "That guy gives incredible shotguns, they mess you up like crazy."

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1. When a person who's smoking takes a hit of weed and transfers the smoke to another person by using their fists to make a tunnel between their mouths.

2. When a guy or girl takes a hit and transfers the smoke to their partner through a kiss. As one exhales the smoke, the other one should inhale the smoke into their lungs. Very efficient use of weed and extremely sexy.

1. "Yo dude.. we don't have that much weed left so we're shot-gunning that shit, you down ?"

2. "When my boyfriend's shot-gunning me, I literally get weak in the knees."

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The front passinger's seat of an automobile. Highly desirable.

Billy and Marrisa were racing to the car. Billy called shot gun and forced Marrisa to sit bitch.

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Shot-gun is said when you want something, like dibs or bags, can be used when there is one item left and first to say shot-gun gets it. Most commonly used for the front seat of the car.

I called shot-gun i get the front seat

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pronounciation: shh-ought-gunn

-A female who has a short temper, opinionated, big breasts, and big behind. Typically funny in nature, with alcoholic tendencies. Not to be confused with grenade or landmine (re: jersey shore).

That broad is a shot-gun fo sho.

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