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What is get weak?

said in general dislike regarding something that is below one's standards; can be said to someone who really sucks at whatever they are trying to do

- aww shiitt, dat girl SUCKS at LIFE!
- i kno, right? she really needs to GET THAT WEAK SHIT OUTTA HERE!

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Get weak - what is it?

To laugh to the point of physical weakness

I was getting weak at that youtube video.

We were standing there talking about how ridiculous John looks, and then he walked in with his hair all screwed up and we just got weak.

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What does "get weak" mean?

v. Gettin Weak is something you do in reaction to something very funny.

"Oh Shit Man! That homeless guy with the fresh produce is hysterical! I'm Getting Weak!"

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Get weak - what does it mean?

what you do when you witness something funny,

I get weak when I watch My Name Is Earl.

finna be gettin weak as hell

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